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Archive Library

The Archive Library 

The accessioned archive collections of The Rothschild Archive include a number of books, articles, pamphlets, other printed material and audio-visual material. These include some older and rarer volumes, volumes dedicated to members of the Rothschild family, or volumes that were formerly in Rothschild collections, and thus have a 'Rothschild' provenance.

The collection kept in the Reading Room, known as 'The Reading Room Library' includes books (mostly twentieth century and modern works), research theses and offprints of articles, pamphlets and magazines. The Reading Room Library contains books acquired over many years from a variety of sources. Most originate in the library collection of the former Archive Department, N M Rothschild and Sons Limited, or the NMR Library and Information Department and these were gifted to the Archive when The Rothschild Archive Trust was created in 1999. Other items have been purchased, or gifted to the Archive by publishers and authors who have used the Archive collections in the preparation of their works. 

The Reading Room Library is available for reference by registered Rothschild Research Forum members visiting the Reading Room, and Rothschild staff. It is reference library only; no items may be removed or lent on long-term loan. Researchers may request that searches of the catalogue of The Reading Room may be made by the Archivists on their behalf.

Also listed here are a number of Finding aids to items in the collection created by the Archive that may be of use to researchers.