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Rothschild Family papers

The Rothschild family's many interests are reflected in the growing collections of personal papers that the Archive has been fortunate enough to attract.

Family papers held in the records of the London banking house

Some collections of private family letters and other papers will be found in the papers of the London business. Private letters between members of the family may be found preserved within the Bank's own filing system, particularly series such as XI/109 and XI/101 within the Correspondence Department. Very few caches of private papers from the houses are known to survive, with the exception of the correspondence of members of the family living at Gunnersbury. Go to Rothschild family business correspondence »

Private Rothschild papers held by The Rothschild Archive London

Large quantities of private and personal family papers are known to have been destroyed, and many of the Rothschilds requested that their personal papers and correspondence be destroyed upon their death. Papers concerning the routine affairs and management of many of the great Rothschild estates and houses have not survived in great quantities. Despite these losses, members of the English Rothschild family have deposited significant tranches of documents with The Rothschild Archive concerning many aspects of the family's private lives, including letters, diaries, photographs, household and estate papers, papers concerning philanthropy, artefacts, artworks and books. 

Papers of the French Rothschild family

The collection known as 'The Lafite Papers' concerns members of the French family. These papers, dating from the late 19th century to the 1930s, record the involvement of family members in areas such as the theatre, philanthropic organisations, the development of Jewish colonies in Palestine and the management of estates and art collections. Go to 'The Lafite' Papers.

Papers of the Frankfurt and Viennese Rothschilds

The Rothschild Archive holds a small but significant collection of papers of the Viennese Bank. Important business and private papers of the Viennese Rothschild family were seized by the Nazis in 1938, and later taken by the Red Army to Moscow. These papers are known as 'The Moscow Papers'. Go to the 'Moscow Papers'

Papers of institutions

The Archive holds a very few papers (mainly secondary sources) relating to institutions, charities and other bodies with Rothschild connections. Whilst not in the strictest sense 'family papers', they are listed here for convenience.

Researchers should note that Rothschild family papers are subject to the Archive's conditions of access. For further information see Access to family papers »