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Alice von Rothschild (1847-1922)

Alice Charlotte von Rothschild was born in Frankfurt. She spent her early years in Vienna, and had a rather lonely childhood after the death of her mother. From 1860, Alice spent increasingly long periods of time in England in the company of her cousins, Constance, Annie and Hannah, to whom she was especially close. She was at home in the English countryside, a fearless horsewoman usually surrounded by some of her many canine companions. In the 1880s, Alice inherited Waddesdon Manor, built by her widowed brother Ferdinand whose constant companion she became. She also had her own adjoining estate at Eythrope, and in London occupied 142, Piccadilly, next door to Ferdinand. Alice had suffered from rheumatic fever, which encouraged her to acquire the Villa Victoria at Grasse in which to spend the winter months.

Alice von Rothschild, correspondence, 1892

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Letter in German from Alice von Rothschild, Grasse, 1892.

Alice von Rothschild, estate papers, 1926

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Share certificate for 100 francs of the Société Immobiliere du Domaine de Rothschild, Grasse, 21 June 1926. Alice de Rothschild bought an olive grove of 135 hectares in 1887 in Grasse She built the Villa Victoria in honour of Queen Victoria who visited the area in 1891. A talented landscape gardener and botanist, she created a beautiful park maintained by more than 50 gardeners. At her death, the estate was given to the city of Grasse to build housing estates. This share  certificate was issued by the company that subsequently developed the property.

Alice von Rothschild: sales catalogues of collections, 1922-1923

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Photocopies of four sales catalogues of the collections of Miss Alice von Rothschild (1847-1922), 1922-1923:

  • Catalogue of Fine French Furniture, Objects of Art and Porcelain, the Property of Lady [Alice von Rothschild], A legatee under a Will, Christie, Manson & Woods, London, 23 November 1922.
  • Catalogue of Drawings by French Artists of the 18th century and Ancient and Modern Pictures, the Property of Lady [Alice von Rothschild], A legatee under a Will, etc. Christie, Manson & Woods, London, 24 November 1922.
  • Catalogue of Old English Silver Plate etc, and English and Foreign Silver,  the Property of Lady [Alice von Rothschild], A legatee under a Will, Christie, Manson & Woods, London, 28 November 1922.
  • Catalogue of Pictures & Drawings, also water colour drawings etc, [from collections including that of Alice von Rothschild], Christie, Manson & Woods, London, 23 November 1923.