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Anthony Nathan (Billy) de Rothschild (1810-1876)

Anthony Nathan (Billy) de Rothschild was born in New Court on 29 May 1810, and lived at 107 Piccadilly after his marriage to Louise Montefiore until in 1851 he acquired an estate at Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, an area soon endowed with public amenities for his tenants. After studying at the universities of Göttingen and Strasbourg, he served an apprenticeship to the family firm, spending time in both the Frankfurt and Paris houses, and became a partner in 1836. Anthony was closely involved in the management of the Chemin de fer du Nord, the family's main railway interest, and also responsible for the running of the Royal Mint Refinery in London from 1852 when Rothschilds acquired the lease.

Anthony was active in the Jewish community, strongly supporting the Jews' Free School, and serving as presiding warden of the Great Synagogue, from 1855 to 1875. When the United Synagogue was formed late in 1870, Anthony became the first president. He was granted a baronetcy in 1847, which passed to his nephew Nathaniel Mayer on his death on 3 January 1876.

For private receipts of Anthony, see The London Banking house, Estates Department, Aston Clinton estate »

Anthony Nathan de Rothschild, correspondence, 1836-1837

000/184, 1 file

Correspondence with his family. The letters mainly concern business matters.

Transcripts available in the Reading Room

Anthony Nathan de Rothschild, correspondence, 1836; 1868

000/29, 8 items

Correspondence of Anthony with his brothers.

Transcripts available in the Reading Room

Anthony Nathan de Rothschild, papers concerning official appointments, 1844-1858

000/75, 1 box

Papers concerning official appointments conferred upon Sir Anthony de Rothschild (1810-1876):

  • Royal Letters Patent and correspondence concerning Anthony’s appointment as a Privy Counsellor of Commerce to the Prussian Court, July 1844;
  • Imperial Letters Patent (with seal of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria) and correspondence appointing Anthony as Austrian Consul General in London, August 1858; Royal Approbation of appointment, signed Malmesbury, November 1858.

Anthony Nathan de Rothschild, marriage and death certificates, 1840; 1876

000/123, 2 files

Copy of the marriage certificate of Anthony de Rothschild and Louise Montefiore, 13 March 1840; copy of the death certificate of Anthony de Rothschild,  3 January 1876.

Anthony Nathan de Rothschild, marriage settlement and estate papers, 1840; 1873; 1875-1881; 1918-1939

000/107, 1 box

Papers of Sir Anthony Nathan de Rothschild (1820-1876): Legal papers relating to legal affairs of Sir Anthony Nathan de Rothschild (1810-1876). The papers largely concern settlements made on his marriage to Louise Montefiore (1821-1910) in 1840; settlements made on the marriage of his daughter Annie de Rothschild (1844-1926) to the Hon. Eliot Yorke (1843-1878) in 1873, and papers relating to his will and legacies, bequests and Trusts established under the terms of his will.

Anthony Nathan de Rothschild, private papers, c.1870-1875

000/246, 1 box

Legal documentation regarding tribunal case of Chuchard, Heriot & Cie. against Randon de Lucernay, 1870s; with other relevant case papers; instruction written by Anthony to Mr. Arnould, Royal Mint Refinery, to pay a sum of money to the family Randon de Lucernay in the event of his death, 1875; accounts and balances for Randon de Lucernay; correspondence concerning the liquidation of Randon de Lucernay.

Anthony Nathan de Rothschild, photographs, c.1860

000/1296, 1 item

Photograph of Anthony Nathan de Rothschild.