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David (Lionel) de Rothschild (b.1955)

David (Lionel) de Rothschild (b.1955) is the son of the late Edmund Leopold de Rothschild (1916-2009) and Elizabeth Edith de Rothschild (née Lentner) (1923-1980). Like his grandfather, Lionel de Rothschild (1882-1942), Lionel de Rothschild is accomplished photographer. He is closely involved with running of the Exbury estate created by his father and grandfather Lionel de Rothschild (1882-1942). A trustee of The Rothschild Archive London, he has published works on horticulture, photography (the Rothschild autochromes) and the Rothschild Family Tree.

David (Lionel) de Rothschild, private papers: horticultural photographs, c.1989-1995

000/2038, 2 boxes

Two boxes of transparencies, photographs and slides taken by Mr Lionel de Rothschild. The images are predominantly of Rothschild gardens and other Rothschild properties, including, Exbury, Gunnersbury, Ashton Wold, Château de Pregny,  Villa Ephrussi, Château Mouton, and Château de Ferrières.

David (Lionel) de Rothschild, private papers: research notes 'The Rothschild Gardens', c.1994-1996

000/781, 3 boxes

Research papers collected by Lionel de Rothschild for the book The Rothschild Gardens, Miriam Rothschild, Kate Garton and Lionel de Rothschild (London: Gaia Books, 1996), including correspondence, copy photographs, copies of articles, copies of extracts from published works. The papers include a series of striking images of Exbury taken by Lionel de Rothschild. See 000/529 for research papers of Miriam Rothschild relating to this publication; a copy of the published volume can be found in 000/529/28.