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Emma Louisa, Lady Rothschild (née von Rothschild) (1844-1935)

Emma Louisa von Rothschild was born on 23 March 1844 in Frankfurt. She was married to her cousin Nathaniel Mayer on 17 April 1867. It was a true love match: Emma had been intended as the bride of James Edouard de Rothschild, whom her sister Laura Thérèse eventually married. Emma and Natty moved to Tring Park, a home she adored and where she remained until her death on 7 January 1935. She was very correct, considered prudish by some, and a woman with the 'courage of a lion'. She had a scientific turn of mind and was, like most members of her family, multi-lingual. Emma was a practical solver of problems. She transformed Tring with the creation of a system of health care for the estate workers.

See also Named Collections, The Rushbrooke Collection for further papers relating to Emma, and the Tring estate.  See Art Collection, Works by Rothschilds, for watercolours by Emma.

Emma Louisa, Lady Rothschild, family correspondence, 1863-1884

000/33, 60 items

Correspondence of Emma, Lady Rothschild with her family.

Transcripts available in the Reading Room

Emma Louisa, Lady Rothschild, sundry papers, 1867-1967

000/972, 1 box

Contents of a tin trunk, labelled ‘ELR’: sundry papers relating to the affairs and estate of Emma, Lady Rothschild (1844-1935), originally kept in a tin deed box at Tring Park and later Ashton Wold. The papers include an original manuscript list of the contents of ‘ELR box’, in the hand of Miriam Rothschild, with the note ”For historical purposes and also for practical reasons these documents shall be kept together. MR, checked July 1967.” The items include an ‘Inventory of Lady Rothschild’s Jewels’; summary of the estate of Emma, Lady Rothschild at her death, c.1935; list of plate from Frankfurt, now at 148 Piccadilly, 24 January 1887; lists of Frankfurt pensioners of Emma, Lady Rothschild; papers relating to the wills and estates Lady Rothschild's parents Mayer Carl von Rothschild (1820-1886) and Louise, Baroness Mayer Carl von Rothschild (1820-1894), and her sisters; list of cutlery (presumed to be that of Emma, Lady Rothschild (1844-1935).