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Evelina (Evy), Baroness Ferdinand de Rothschild (née de Rothschild) (1839-1866)

Evelina de Rothschild was born in London in 1839, the daughter of Lionel and Charlotte. She was popular with all her siblings, but especially close to Leo with whom she shared a similar sense of humour. A frequent visitor to Paris where her sister Leonora had lived since her marriage in 1857, Evy as she was known to her family revelled in the salons of James and Betty. She married her cousin Ferdinand at 148 Piccadilly on 7 July 1865 and spent a honeymoon at his father's estate of Schillersdorf.

The death of Evelina de Rothschild in childbirth on 4 December 1866 cast a shadow over her family. Ferdinand never remarried; he devoted himself to the building and furnishing of Waddesdon Manor, with his sister Alice as a companion. The Evelina Children's Hospital, now part of St Thomas' Hospital in London, was founded by Ferdinand de Rothschild in her memory.

Evelina de Rothschild, correspondence, 1857-1866

000/23, 122 items

This correspondence of around 120 letters during the period c.1850 to 1866 is addressed to Evelina's parents and her brother, Leopold. The letters are concerned with personal and family news, including two from Ferrières following the visit of the Emperor Napoleon III, several from Schillersdorf during her honeymoon tour of 1865, and some written during visits in England and France.

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