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Leopold de Rothschild, Autograph Letters Album

000/1064, 1 volume

Leopold de Rothschild: autograph letters collection. This single album contains 60 numbered autograph letters, mostly pasted into its leaves. References to Leopold's collection of autographs in his mother Charlotte’s correspondence suggest that the items in this album were part of a large collection. This collection of letters pasted into an album includes letters from J.T. Delane, editor of The Times 1841-1877. Authors of other autographed letters in the album include: HRH Edward Prince of Wales, Talleyrand, William Thackeray, William Wilberforce. The letters span the period 1813-1930; it is believed that Marie, Mrs Leopold de Rothschild (1862-1937) added to the collection after her husband’s death in 1917.

List of available records

(01) Letter signed 'JR' to 'My dear Baron' concerning Irish political affairs, 11 July 1828.
(02) Letter from ‘Rossini’ to 'Mon cher Lionel' concerning 'Zuchetti', written from Bologna, 22 January 1840.
(03) Letter from 'Samuel Rogers' to 'Mr dear Lord' signed concerning a monument to the Duke of Wellington, written from St James's Place, 19 April 1841.
(04) Letter signed 'M. Senior' to 'My dear Lewis' concerning French and Italian politics, written from the Rue de la Paise, 27 April 1859.
(05) Letter from 'W M Thackeray’ to 'My dear Delane', written from 36 G. [Grosvenor] Square, [1859]; enclosed a letter from 'W M Thackeray to 'dear Baroness' [Charlotte, Baroness Lionel de Rothschild], 22 October 1859.
(06) Letter from 'Charles [Wiebens]’ to John Delane concerning the Austrian and Italian War, 8 October 1858.
(07) Letter from ‘E. Lytton Bulwer’ to ‘Madame de Rothschild’ [Charlotte, Baroness Lionel] concerning the gift of a volume of poetry, written from 36 Hertford Square, 21 March 1859.
(08) Letter from [M. Bonny], to Charlotte [Charlotte, Baroness Lionel de Rothschild], apologising for “not being able to come today, written from Richmond, 2 July, [undated].
(09) Letter from [M. Bonny], to Charlotte Charlotte [Charlotte, Baroness Lionel], apologising that he couldn’t come to see her because of “pulsation of the heart”, written from Richmond, 13 Aug 1846.
(10) Letter from ‘John Holbourne’ to ‘My dear Baroness Rothschild’ [Charlotte, Baroness Lionel], apologising for not being able to visit her, written from Erlestoke Park, Westbury Wiltshire, 3 July 1845.
(11) Letter from ‘John Delane’ to ‘My dear Baroness’ concerning information about men killed in battle in 1825, written from Serjeants Inn, 20 April [undated]
(12) Letter from an unknown author to ‘Dear Madam’ [Charlotte, Baroness Lionel], concerning a royal ball and visiting “Ionian marbles”, written from 117 Piccadilly [undated]
(13) Letter from ‘N. Carl Wiseman’ to ‘Madam’ [Charlotte, Baroness Lionel], concerning philanthropic works and a school and a reference for a tutor, written from Sandon, 31 August 1857
(14) Letter from John C[?] to [Charlotte, Baroness Lionel], requesting a reference for a surgeon to be appointed to the University of London Hospital, written from 7, Montague Place, Russell Square [undated]
(15) Letter to ‘Dear Sir’ [John Delane] from ‘J W Croker’ concerning a “curiosity”, and requesting that “a corner” might be found for it in The Times, written from West Molesey Surrey, 6 February, 1856
(16) Letter from ‘Richard Owen’ to ‘Sir, Editor of the Times’ [John Delane] concerning the misreporting of the content of his lectures, written from The Athenaeum Club, 5 May 1860.
(17) Letter from ‘Clywed’ to John Delane concerning the administration of the British Museum written from 120 Piccadilly, 25 August 1860.
(18) Letter from unknown to ‘Dear Sir’ written from Haslington, 31 August 1858.
(19) Letter from ‘A Ailles’ to ‘My dear Sir’ concerning a box at a performance of ‘Ottavia’ sung by [Adelaide] Ristori, written from Brook House, June 26 [undated].
(20) Letter from ‘Helen Dufferin’ to ‘Dear Madame de Rothschild’ concerning preparations and arrangements for a ball, [1867]
(21) Letter from ‘Caroline Norton’ to John Delane concerning publication in the times of a poem that she written, written from 3 Chesterfield St, 5 July [undated].
(22) Note entitled ‘Extract from a new writer of the Miseries of Life’, signed ‘D.M.M.’
(23) Letter from ‘Mr Napier’ to ‘The editor of The Times’ concerning publication of a letter and representation of the British Army in the press, January 1849.
(24) Letter from Baron ‘Marochetti’ to ‘Madame’ accepting an invitation to a function, written from 34 Onslow Square Brompton, [undated].
(25) Letter from unknown to ‘My dear Baroness’ declining an invitation to a party, written from Bruton St, Wednesday, [undated].
(26) Note by ‘Walter Savage Landor’ concerning European politics, 17 March [undated].
(27) Letter from ‘FitzRoy Kelly’ to ‘My dear Baron’ noting that the Baron [Lionel de Rothschild] has purchased his former house. Written from 5 Seamore Place Mayfair, 31 March 1858.
(28) Letter from ‘Stockmar’ to ‘Madam’ concerning the completion of a commission on her behalf, written 14 April 1840.
(29) Letter from ‘The Marquis of Wellesley’ to ‘My dear Lord’ concerning his speech concerning ‘Vansittart’s plan for the sinking fund’, written Sunday morning, 4 April 1813.
(30) Letter from ‘Brodie’ to ‘Dear Sir’ concerning the publication of a manuscript, written from Broome Park, Betchworth, Surrey, 22 August 1860.
(31) Letter from ‘Ludovic Halévy’ to ‘Madam’ concerning the completion of a commission on her behalf, written 14 April 1840.
(32) (i) Letter from ‘Archibald Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery’ to Marie de Rothschild concerning horseracing at Newmarket, written from the Foreign Office, London, 22 April 1886.
(33) (i) and (ii) Two letters from ‘Spencer Compton Cavendish’ to Marie, Mrs Leopold de Rothschild concerning horse racing, written from Bolton Abbey, Skipton, 20 August 1887, and from Holker Hall, Carke-in-Cartmel, Cranforth, April 1888.
(34) Letter from [Paul Bourges] to ‘cher monsieur’ declining an invitation to visit, written from La Maloja, Switzerland, 23 April [n.d.]
(35) Letter from ‘Robert Bulwer-Lytton’ containing a verse from his poem A Night in Italy, written from Calcutta, India, 31 March 1877.
(36) Letter from unknown to Marie, Mrs Leopold de Rothschild regarding horseracing and the Turf club, written from 7 Carlton Gardens, London [undated].
(37) Envelope addressed to ‘The Earl Granville, Walmer Castle’ from unknown, [undated].
(38) (i) Letter from ‘Lord Randolph Spencer-Churchill’ to Marie, Mrs Leopold de Rothschild concerning a visit to Newmarket, written from 2 Connaught Place, London, 27 March 1891.
(38) (ii) Letter from ‘Lord Randolph Spencer-Churchill’ to Marie, Mrs Leopold de Rothschild concerning place to stay in the Pyrenees, written from 2 Connaught Place, London, 19 July 1889.
(39) Letter from ‘John Morley’ to ‘Lord Rosebery’ declining an invitation due to a holiday in Brighton, written from 95 Elm Park Gardens, South Kensington, London, 26 December 1889.
(40) Letter on behalf of ‘Midhat Pasha’ to Louise Sassoon, sister of Marie, Mrs Leopold de Rothschild, written from London, 7 June 1877.
(41) Letter from ‘John Everett Millais’ to Marie, Mrs Leopold de Rothschild, regarding a portrait of one of her sons, written from his home 2 Palace Gate, Kensington, London, 31 July 1890.
(42) Letter from unknown written 7 March 1878. In Hebrew.
(43) Letter from ‘Sir Henry Irving’ to ‘Mr Rothschild’ regarding a charity dinner, written from the Lyceum Theatre, London, 9 May 1890.
(44) Letter from ‘Alfred de Vigny’ regarding an invitation, written 13 April 1848.
(45) Letter from ‘W. Oxon’ to Leopold de Rothschild regarding the schools in his Diocese, written from The Palace, Cuddesdon, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 18 November 1891.
(46) Letter from ‘Otto von Bismarck’ written in 1860.
(47) Letter from ‘Mary Augusta Ward’ to Marie, Mrs Leopold de Rothschild regarding a charity concert and enclosing her tickets, written from 25 Grosvenor Place, London, 4 July 1898.
(48) Letter from ‘Wallis [unknown]’, to ‘Mr Rothschild’ thanking him for the generous financial assistance, written from the Carlton Club, Pall Mall, London, 7 January 1881.
(49) Pencil drawing of a jockey with caption “This would be a combination impossible to resist”. With calling card of George Candy Esq Q.C. from The Hotel Metropole London.
(50) Letter from unknown to Charlotte, Baroness Lionel de Rothschild, sending congratulations on the marriage of Charlotte’s daughter Leonora, written from Constantinople, 9 March 1857.
(51) Letter from unknown to Charlotte, Baroness Lionel de Rothschild, written from 17 Eaton Terrace, SW, London, 4 September 1863.
(52) Letter from ‘Reading’ to Marie, Mrs Leopold de Rothschild thanking her for her sympathies on the death of his wife Alice Isaacs, Marchioness of Reading, written from 32 Curzon Street, Mayfair, London, 2 February 1930.
(53) Letter from ‘Crémieux’ to Baron Lionel de Rothschild, 28 March 1842.
(54) Letter from ‘Thomas Moore’ to ‘Madame Rotschild’ [sic] declining her invitation to visit. [Undated].
(55) Letter from ‘Talleyrand’ to ‘Madame’ written from Hertford House, 19 June [undated]. In French.
(56) Letter from ‘Albert Edward’ [King Edward VII (1841-1910)] thanking Leopold de Rothschild for his king gift on the occasion of his silver wedding anniversary, written from Marlborough House, London, 8 March 1888.
(57) Letter from ‘Albert Edward’ [King Edward VII (1841-1910)] thanking Leopold de Rothschild for his sympathies on the death of his brother-in-law Emperor Frederick III of Prussia (1831-1888), written from Berlin, 21 June 1888.