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Teresa, Lady Rothschild (née Mayor), (1915-1996)

Tess Rothschild  (née Mayor) was as much a Cambridge figure as her husband Victor, 3rd Lord Rothschild. Her aunt Flora (F.M. Mayor) was a novelist, while her mother was a playwright, and Beatrice Webb was an aunt. Brought up in progressive circles, she was sent to Bedales, where she became head girl. At Newnham she was the most celebrated actress of her day.

During the Second World War she worked for MI5 and became assistant to Victor Rothschild, in anti-sabotage operations, and she was appointed an MBE for throwing a bomb off a bridge. Victor's first marriage had ended, and in they married in 1946. They lived at Merton Hall, and then they built a house on Herschel Road where their children grew up.

Teresa, Lady Rothschild (née Mayor), (1915-1996), Order of Service (funeral) , 1996

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Order of service for the memorial service for Teresa, Lady Rothschild, 2 July 1996.