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Aston Clinton estate, Buckinghamshire

When the Aston Clinton estate in Buckinghamshire came up for sale in July 1849 the Rothschild brothers discussed a possible investment purchase, agreeing to pay no more than £26,000, as "it is not like a fancy place". Sir Anthony de Rothschild (1810-1876) finally bought the property in 1851. From 1854, Anthony and Louise began to make alterations to the house. The architect George Henry Stokes, assistant of Joseph Paxton (who had designed the great Rothschild house Mentmore Towers for Anthony’s brother Mayer Rothschild) and the builder George Myers produced a neo-Classical design at the foot of the Chilterns, with a park and gardens.

At Aston Clinton, Anthony and Louise were noted for their enlightened views of the responsibilities towards their employees and their tenants. The whole family took a close interest in the development of the community, and the Rothschilds transformed the estate and village.  A large number of workers' cottages were built and The Anthony Hall in the village was erected by Louise in 1884 in memory of her husband.

Upon Louise's death in 1910, Aston Clinton reverted to the Rothschild Estate and the three sons of Anthony’s brother Lionel de Rothschild (1808-1879) jointly inherited the interest.   After the death of their mother, Constance and Annie used Aston Clinton as a holiday home and kept the estate going until the First World War.  By 1923, Lionel’s three sons had died, and the estate passed to Charles Rothschild, (1877-1923). When Charles died, his executors, concerned about the rising cost of the upkeep of Aston Clinton, put the estate on the market. The whole estate was disposed of in sales in 1923 and 1924.

See Aston Clinton House, Buckinghamshire in The Rothschild Archive Annual Review 2002-2003 and Mr Warren's photograph album: memories of a vanished Rothschild estate in The Rothschild Archive Annual Review 2012-2013 for more information about Aston Clinton.

N M Rothschild & Sons: Estates Department, Aston Clinton, accounts and receipts, 1854-1881


Some accounts and receipts relating to Aston Clinton were retained in papers of the Estates Department of the London bank. Go to N M Rothschild & Sons: Estates Department »

Estates: Aston Clinton estate, building contract, 1855

000/891, 1 file

Copy building contract between Anthony de Rothschild (1810-1876) and George Myers, contractor of Lambeth, for repairs and extensions to Aston Clinton, 1855. 

Estates: Aston Clinton estate, copies of Census returns, 1861; 1871; 1881; 1891, 1901

000/1236, 1 file

Copies of original register and typed transcripts of Census returns: Aston Clinton, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901.

Estates: Aston Clinton estate, deeds and papers, 1875

000/107, 1 box

Deeds and estate papers concerning Aston Clinton estate.

Estates: Aston Clinton estate, Ordnance Survey Photo Mosaic Sheet, Aston Clinton & Halton, 1947

000/1228, 1 item

Black and white aerial photographs, reproduced from the Ordnance Survey Air Photo Mosaic Sheets (1944-1951) 1:10,560, held at the British Library: Aston Clinton and Halton, September 1947.  (42/81 SE).

Estates: Aston Clinton estate, photographs, c.1900

000/2057, 8 items

Mounted unframed photographs, presumed to be of Aston Clinton. c.1900, depicting the exterior of Aston Clinton House, stamped J.G. Payne & Son, Aylesbury; photographs of staff and kitchens, presumed to be Aston Clinton; staff group photograph.

Estates: Aston Clinton estate, postcards , c.1910-1930

000/2021, 15 items

Postcards of Aston Clinton:‘Aston Clinton House’, dated 22 April 1927; ‘Aston Clinton House’, undated; ‘Aston Clinton Park’, undated; 'Aston Clinton, London Road’, undated.; Aston Clinton, London Road’, undated; Aston Clinton, The Temperance Hotel’, undated; ‘Aston Clinton, Anthony Hall”, undated; ‘Aston Clinton, Weston Road’, undated; ‘Aston Clinton, Weston Road’, undated; 'Aston Clinton, The Towers’, undated; ‘Aston Clinton Park’, undated; ‘Fairy Glen, Aston Clinton Park’, undated; Aston Clinton, The Towers’(colour); fold out post cards in holder, ‘Postal View Souvenir’, various views of Aston Clinton.

Estates: Aston Clinton estate, sales catalogues, 1923

000/2021, 2 items

Catalogue of the valuable remaining Contents of the Mansion by the direction of The Lady Battersea and the Hon. Mrs Eliot Yorke for sale by auction July 23rd 1923, by Messrs Phillips, Son & Neale; copy of the Catalogue of  The Choice Collection of Old French Furniture Objects of Art and Tapestry of the Late Sir Anthony de Rothschild, Bart.  Between 1840 and 1850.  Removed from Aston Clinton, Aylesbury and Now Sold by Order of His Daughters, Lady Battersea and the Hon. Mrs Eliot Yorke, June 13 1923, by Messrs Christie, Manson & Woods.

Estates: Aston Clinton estate, sale particulars, 1932

000/2090, 1 file

Aston Clinton Estate sale particulars, 1932: Aston Clinton Park Estate, Aylesbury, published by Reader & Son (Auctioneers). Includes a colour plan of Aston Clinton Park showing the estate and six black and white photographs of the exterior of the property.

Estates: Aston Clinton estate, the Halton and Aston Clinton Industrial Exhibition, 1868

000/851, 1 item

Halton and Aston Clinton Industrial Exhibition bronze award medal, 1868. The Exhibition was the brainchild of Sir Anthony de Rothschild, a committed countryman who, in 1851, had taken up residence in Aston Clinton. CentThe Rothschild Archive London to the exhibition wasthe celebration of agriculture and cottage husbandry and traditional Buckinghamshire crafts. The Exhibition opened on 1st June on a 4-acre site at Halton Park on Sir Anthony’s estate. More than 3,000 exhibits were eventually submitted and displayed. On the final Saturday, 300 medals were distributed. This bronze medal was awarded to Sarah Tomlin for embroidering a baby’s shirt.

Estates: Aston Clinton estate, the Halton and Aston Clinton Industrial Exhibition, 1868

000/711 , 1 item

Cutting from The Illustrated London News, ‘Mr. Disraeli opening the industrial exhibition at Halton, Buckinghamshire’.

Estates: Aston Clinton estate, the Halton and Aston Clinton Industrial Exhibition, 1868

000/1258, 1 item

Halton and Aston Clinton Industrial Exhibition: an account of the opening of the exhibition and catalogue of entries and prizes, 1868. A copy of an original document held by The Buckinghamshire Archaeological Society.

Estates: Aston Clinton estate, The Warren photograph album, c.1897-1903

000/2126, 1 volume

Private photograph album compiled c.1897-1903 by Mr Warren, Head Gardener at Aston Clinton. It includes photographs of the exterior of the house, grounds and gardeners. Most are uncaptioned, giving only the date or brief indication of the location. The album includes photos of the village, including the church and gardener’s cottage and views taken of the locality. Other photographs show members of the Warren family.