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Austrian estates, Lower Austria

The Lower Austria estates

Baron Albert von Rothschild (1844–1911) was the grandson of Salomon. In 1875 Albert bought a large property in the south of Lower Austria near to the Styrian boarder between Göstling, Lackenhof, and Gaming, which he shared with his wife Bettina (1858–1892) whom he had married in 1876. The region is mountainous and densely wooded and the Rothschild family established a big forestry enterprise as well as hunting estates and country residences in the Tyrolean style. The property was divided into five administrative areas, Waidhofen and der Ybbs, Gaming, Göstling an der Ybbs, Hollenstein and Langau. When Albert died in 1911 his sons Alphonse (1878-1942) and Louis (1882-1955) inherited the property: Alphonse and his wife Clarice inherited Langau and Gaming and Louis received Göstling an der Ybbs, Hollenstein and Waidhofen an der Ybbs.

During the Second World War, the estates in Lower Austria were confiscated. After the war, Louis gave the alpine lands at Waidhofen, Göstling and Hollenstein to the Austrian state, on condition that it used the proceeds to fund pensions for his former employees.

Archive sources

The Rothschild Archive London holds very few private papers of the Viennese branch of the Rothschild family. Much was scattered or destroyed during the Second World War and the fate of many archives and estate records is not known. It is unlikely that much remains with the descendants of the Viennese Rothschild family, and the family does not make its privately held archives publicly available.

A few files relating to the Austrian estates will be found in The Moscow Papers (637 series). These files largely concern reports of the managerial boards of the estates  and concern aspects of the management of the estates, including sundry reports, correspondence, accounts and matters relating to staff, c.1874-c.1938. A small collection of files concerning Rothschild Austrian estates will be found in the Looram papers 000/2135. These mainly relate to pensioners of the Viennese estates.

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Austrian estates: Gaming, Lower Austria

Estates: the Austrian estates, Gaming, seccondary sources, 1997

000/458, 1 item

Brochure about the Albert von Rothschild nature reserve at Dürrenstein, which includes the former Gaming estate.

Austrian estates: Göstling, Lower Austria

Estates: the Austrian estates, Göstling, postcards, n.d.

000/1300 and 000/1992, 14 items

Postcards of the Jagdhaus Steinbach, a Rothschild hunting lodge, in Steinbach, Gostling, Lower Austria. The lodge was first owned by Baron Albert von Rothschild (1844-1911), and inherited by his son Louis Nathaniel von Rothschild (1882-1955).

Austrian estates: Langau, Lower Austria

Estates: the Austrian estates, Langau, sundry publications, 1850-1875; c.1900

000/2468, 5 items

Sundry published works presumed to be from Langau: Volume Detailbuch zu den architektonischen ordnungen der Griechen, Römer un neueren baumeister von J.M. v. Mauch sechs tafelen mit text, Berlin, 1850; volume of hand painted lithographs entitled Souvenirs du Siége de Paris, les Défenseurs de la Capitale by Draner, 1871; two volumes, Die architektonischen ordnungen der Griechen und Römer. Herausgegeben von J.M. v. Mauch Nachtrag enthaltend vierzig tafelen mit text, Berlin, 1875; Instructions for a glider, Hast.

Estates: the Austrian estates, Langau, inventories, c.1930

000/2468/17, 1 folder

Folder concerning objects from an unknown property: musical, astronomical and porcelain objects etc. Contains two mounted photographs of a house interior dated 1931, a photograph of a vase annotated ‘G41’, a photograph of a clock annotated ‘B22’, a photograph of a clock annotated ‘I.S.i.’ and three annotated pages describing pieces of metalwork which may have had photographs mounted on them.

Estates: the Austrian estates, Langau, sundry papers, 1968-1972

000/2468, 8 items

Reports of annual financial statements and balance sheets for Langau, Gaming, Austria. Langau Forest yearbooks.

Estates: the Austrian estates, Langau, postcards, c.2005

000/1677, 1 item

Colour postcard of Langau estate in Lower Austria, showing woods and landscape.

Estates: the Austrian estates, Langau, sale particulars, 2013

000/2189, 4 volumes

Documents prepared by agents marketing the proposed sale of the historic Rothschild estates in the Forest District Langau and the Forest District Neuhaus Alpl in Austria. The documents consist of a set of slipcased presentation volumes: Forstverwaltung Neuhaus Alp. of Albert von Rothschild; Neuhaus Alpl Executive Summary' and 'Neuhaus Alpl Technical report 2013. The volumes contains contemporary photographs and historical images of the Rothschild estate.

Austrian estates: Reichenau, Lower Austria

Estates: the Austrian estates, Reichenau, plans, c.1885

000/1747, 1 file

In 1883, Nathaniel von Rothschild (1836-1905) asked the architects Armand-Louis Bauqué and Emilio Pio to design him a country house in Lower Austria. Their designs involved the use of three materials, brick, stone and slate, to create a polychrome effect. Copies of plans of the house at Reichenau an der Rax, Lower Austria, c.1885. The original plans are held at the Town Hall in Reichenau.

Estates: the Austrian estates, Reichenau, postcards , c.1901

000/1585, 1 item

Colour postcard of Reichenau.  Message in German, postmark 1901.

Austrian estates: Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Lower Austria

Estates: the Austrian estates, Waidhofen an der Ybbs, postcards, 1915-1930

000/1676, 000/1783 and 000/2291, 3 items

Black and White postcard of Rothschild Estate in Lower Austria Waidhofen an der Ybbs c. 1915; black and white postcard of the Rothschild castle at Waidhofen an der Ybbs, c.1925; postcard photograph of the Rothschild schloss, Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Lower Austria, c.1930.

Estates: the Austrian estates, Waidhofen an der Ybbs, secondary sources, 1886

000/2481, 1 volume

Slim volume Führer durch Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Dr Theodor Zelinka, (Verlag des Oesterreichischen Touristen-Club, 1886). A Tourist guide to Waidhofen an der Ybbs and its surroundings, 1886.

Estates: the Austrian estates, Waidhofen an der Ybbs, secondary sources, 1924

000/1454, 1 volume

Der Baron Rothschild: Reisen, Jagden, Menschlichkeiten by Forstrat Grünkranz, (Munich: Verlag für Kulturpolitik, 1924), a book about Baron Nathaniel Rothschild (1836-1905) and the family's hunting grounds in Austria.