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Château Lafite, Pauillac, France

In 1868, Baron James de Rothschild, a connoisseur of fine wine, purchased the great Château Lafite in the Médoc region of Bordeaux. He died just months later without having set foot on his new vineyard. Lafite was left to James’ three surviving sons, Alphonse, Gustave and Edmond. Edmond learned much about wine, and went on to create vineyards in the colonies he founded in Palestine, but the demands of banking left the brothers with little time for viticulture. When Elie, James’ great-grandson, took over and rejuvenated Château Lafite in 1946. Today, Lafite is a partnership, Les Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite), under the guidance of Baron Eric de Rothschild, with ventures in both France and the New World. 

An Account Book with entries relating to expenses on the estate at Lafite, mostly relating to farming and including the upkeep of stables and wine stores, saddlery, metal work, cooperage and expenses relating to sundry repairs and expenditure during harvests and for various farming tools and charitable expenses, 1903-1904 will be found in the Lafite Papers I, OA 147.

Estates: Château Lafite, marketing materials, 1999-2018

000/903, 000/958, 000/1359, 000/1522, 000/1664, 000/1839, 000/1860, 000/1901 and 000/1946, 9 files

A collection of marketing materials produced by Lafite, inlcuding: Programme and invitation cards for 'Fete Lafite' June 15, 2000 held at the Royal Ontario Museum, Newsletters, Christmas cards, postcards, notecards and brochures; set of prints by Richard Avedon of Lafite staff, taken as part of the 2002 commission for Château Lafite (also featured in New year card for 2002); leather bound volume, embossed 'Lafite Barons de Rothschild' Wine Tasting Journal produced for client event for Global Strategy Financial Inc, (A Canadian company), 1993 (unused, two examples, each in a cloth bag).

Estates: Château Lafite, marketing materials, 2004

000/1359, 1 CD, 1 file

Redrawing of the Five Arrows with coronet as used at Chateau Lafite, commissioned by Beatrice, Baroness Eric de Rothschild, 2004, and executed in the Creative Services Department of N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd.

Estates: Château Lafite, photographs, 1992

000/361, 1 item

Photographs and transparencies of a Rothschild family at Lafite, autumn 1992, at a celebration of the 200th anniversary of Baron James’s birth. Key included.

Estates: Château Lafite, photographs, 2001

000/905, 43items

Collection of photographs taken at Chateau Lafite, France during a visit by the Director of The Rothschild Archive 24-26 January 2001.  Includes interior and exterior shots of the building and of various Rothschild portraits

Estates: Château Lafite, photographs, c.2001

000/882, 90 items

Photographs of Fete Lafite events, featuring Baron Eric de Rothschild.

Estates: Château Lafite, secondary sources, 1988

000/2007, 1 item

House and Garden magazine, published in the USA, March 1988: 'The Modern Rothschilds' article on Eric and Beatrice de Rothschild and their home at Château Lafite.

Estates: Château Lafite, secondary sources, 1872

000/1947 , 1 item

L'Univers Illustre, 12 Oct 1872 containg engavings ‘Les vendanges dans le Medoc: le cuvier de Chateau Lafite - le diner des vignerons - le clos de chateau Lafite’ and associated  article.

Estates: Château Lafite, secondary sources, 1989

000/2222, 1 item

The Wine Spectator, March 31 1989 containing a feature on 'Baron Eric's Chateau Lafite'.

Estates: Château Lafite, sundry papers, 2004

000/1379, 1 item

Copy of Chateau-Lafite: quadrille brillant composed by Hermance Vallet-Chaintrier (Bordeaux: V. Ravayre-Raver, nd).  Music for the piano, dedicated to 'Mesdames Alphonse, Gustave et Edmond de Rothschild'.