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Clementine von Rothschild (1845-1865)

Clementine Henriette von Rothschild, who died on 18 October 1865 aged 20, was remembered as a 'saintly girl' deeply devoted to her faith. She was the daughter of Mayer Carl and Louise. She wrote a small book, Letters to a Christian Friend on the Fundamental Truth of Judaism, which was published some years after her death. In her memory, her mother established a children's hospital in Frankfurt.

Clementine von Rothschild, publications, 1869; 1904

000/1557, 000/1892, 2 volumes

Letters to a Christian Friend on the Fundamental Truths of Judaism by Clementine de Rothschild, (Simpkin, Marshall & Co, London, 1869). A later edition, published in 1881 together with an edition in French, published in Paris in 1893, will be found in the Reading Room Library. 000/1892 is a later edition, edited by Dr. Samuel Colombo in Leghorn, published in Italian in 1904.