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Gutle Rothschild (1753-1849)

Gutle Rothschild, (also known as Gutele or Gudula), née Schnapper was born in Frankfurt. She was the daughter of Wolf Salomon Schnapper. Her father was a financier and court factor for the principality of Saxony-Meiningen. At the age of 17 she married the merchant Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812) on August 29, 1770, with a considerable dowry of 2,400 guilders which corresponded approximately to the annual income of her husband. 

Some sources contend that she gave birth to a total of 20 children, of whom ten, five girls and five boys reached adulthood, her five sons leaving the confines of the Judengasse to found Rothschild businesses in London, Paris, Vienna and Naples. The couple first lived in the Haus Hinterpfan, which they had to share with two brothers of Mayer Amschel. In 1787 Gutle moved with her husband to the 'House of the Green Shield' in the Judengasse, where she remained for the rest of her life.

Gutle Rothschild was known for living a simple life; she refused to leave Frankfurt to attend family events, insisting that most took place in the city of her birth. Until her death, there was no family celebration, be it engagement or marriage that did not take place in Frankfurt. She is credited with taking a role in her husband's business affairs overseeing the merchandise trade and credit business when he was away on business.

Upon her husband's death in 1812, she received lifelong ownership and use of the house and its contents. She survived her husband for more than 37 years and was a  Frankfurt celebrity in her last third of her life as her sons' businesses flourished.

No personal correspondence of Gutle is known to survive, with the exception of a handful of postscripts dictated by Gutle to letters written by other members of the family and clerks in the XI/109 series. Correspondence, in Judendeutsch, from Rothschild and related family (Schnapper, Cohen, Hanau, Stern families), 1804-1818, will be found in XI/82/10.

Gutle Rothschild: sundry papers, c.1849

000/267, 1 item

List of sundry clothing accessories and list of wardrobe items, the property of Gutle Rothschild 'handed to Baron Amschel Mayer Rothschild, 1849'. This item was discovered inside the volume 'Stammtafeln', a Rothschild family tree compiled c.1855 (perhaps at the direction of A M von Rothschild’s will); the volume was transferred to the Archive from the New Court vault.