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Wilhelm Carl von Rothschild (1828-1901)

Wilhelm Carl von Rothschild, (known as'Willy  Carl' or 'Willy') was born on 16th May 1828, was the younger, more orthodox, brother of Mayer Carl von Rothschild. He took over the management of the Frankfurt House in 1886 until his death in 1901. By 1901, Frankfurt was no longer a significant financial centre. No family members in London, Paris or Vienna wished to move to the Prussian city, and the decision was taken to liquidate the Frankfurt house. 

The final entry in the venerable Memorbuch of the Jewish community in Frankurt records his life. He never missed prayers in his house on the Bockenheimer Landstrasse, and insisted that the bank observe the Sabbath. He and his wife, Mathilde, were supporters of numerous charitable foundations in Frankfurt. The Jewish Religious Society, (Israelitische Religionsgesellschaft) which resisted liberalisation of Judaism, was heavily dependent on Willy Carl, a founder-member, for the development of its institutions. He died on 25th January 1901.

A 70th birthday testimonial address from the Israelitische Religionsgesellschaft, Frankfurt to Willy carl, 1898 will be found in The Moscow Papers (637-1-267).

Wilhelm Carl von Rothschild, private papers, 1886

000/1180, 1 item

A Jahrzeit Tafel dedicated by Wilhelm Carl von Rothschild to his brother, the late Mayer Carl von Rothschild.

Wilhelm Carl and Hannah Mathilde von Rothschild, golden wedding medallion, 1899

000/1765, 1 item

Silver commemorative medallion produced to celebrate the golden wedding anniversary of Wilhelm Carl von Rothschild and Hannah Mathilde von Rothschild, 8 November 1899 by Die Synagogengeminde Israelitische Religionsgesellschaft (the Jewish Faith Community Synagogue Association).

Wilhelm Carl von Rothschild, Memorial Service, 1901

000/2209, 1 item

Gedachtnisrede zur Erinnerung an Frieherrn Wilhelm Karl von Rothschild zur Frankfurt a.M., bei dem in der Synagogue zu Fulda am 14. Schwat 5661, 3 Februar 1901, veranstalteten Trauergottesdienst. Frankfurt, J Kaufmann, 1901. Memorial speech commemorating the funeral of Wilhelm Carl von Rothschild, 1901.

Wilhelm Carl von Rothschild, papers concerning his death, 1901

000/1604, 1 item

Broadside announcing the death of Simon Wolf Rothschild (Hebrew name for Wilhelm Carl von Rothschild, in Hebrew. 

Wilhelm Carl von Rothschild, will and probate, 1896; 1901

000/101, 1 file

Papers of Wilhelm Carl: will, dated 17 February 1896 and Probate, dated 22 July 1901.