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Adelheid, Baroness Edmond de Rothschild (1853-1935)

Born a von Rothschild, Adelheid was the daughter of the orthodox Wilhelm Carl and Mathilde von Rothschild of Frankfurt. She married her cousin Edmond on 24 October 1877; the influence of each on the other was great. After their marriage the couple shared rue Laffitte and the château at Boulogne-sur-Seine with Edmond's mother Betty. They also had property on the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and at Armainvilliers. Adelheid was very musical and her artistic tastes were in the typically Rothschild direction of 18th-century paintings. She also formed a fine collection of lace.

From the 1880s, Adelheid became involved in her husband's life work in Palestine, where she accompanied him on five visits. Known as 'the woman who loves God', Adelheid was discrete and self-effacing in her private life. After the death of her father in 1901, she concerned herself especially with the furtherance of his charitable activities in Frankfurt, ensuring that the family's old home in the Judengasse became a permanent museum. Adelheid died on 22 June 1935. In 1954, her remains were laid to rest alongside those of her husband at Ramat Hanadiv in Israel.

Adelheid, Baroness Edmond de Rothschild, designs for jewellery, c.1925

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Art Deco Jewellery Designs, c.1925. A collection of eight original drawings by the Parisian Jeweller, Maurice Tripier for pieces designed for Baroness Adelheid von Rothschild (1853-1935). In Paris, Adelheid lived at 41 Rue de Faubourg Saint-Honoré, a short distance from the jeweller, Maurice Tripier. She was a keen collector of lace, costumes and accessories. It is not known if these designs were executed. 

A pen and watercolour design on opaque paper for a diamond & turquoise bracelet signed at upper right "Maurice Tripier 28 Faubg St Honoré", and with the clients name at lower right "Madame la Baronnne A de Rothschild". It notes details about the stone count and size, as well as the fastener; a watchstrap or bracelet clasp design in pen and ink, pencil and crayon on paper. Numbered "6590" showing a purple strap; a watchstrap or bracelet clasp design in pen and ink, pencil and crayon on paper. Numbered "6593" showing a charcoal coloured strap; a set of three art deco clasp designs in pencil and crayon on paper, in brown which would possibly suggest watchstrap designs; design for a medallion with "Bonheur" to the face, "Prospérité" to the reverse, in pen and ink, pencil and yellow crayon on opaque paper. With the handstamp of Maurice Tripier "28 Faubg St-Honoré Paris"; design for a ring noted in pen and ink with white watercolour highlights on opaque paper. Noted at foot "20.000  6 Petit brillants".