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Bethsabée Louise Emilie Béatrix (Batsheva) de Rothschild (1914-1999)

Bethsabée Louise Emilie Béatrix de Rothschild (later known Batsheva) was the youngest child of Edouard and Germaine de Rothschild. She was born in Paris on 23 September 1914.

She spent a war-time exile in New York with her parents where she attended courses at Columbia University, having studied biology at the Sorbonne, and worked in a chemical factory. Like many members of her family, she joined the Free French forces in London. After her divorce from Donald Bloomingdale, whom she had married in 1948, Batsheva became more and more involved with the world of dance, notably as a follower and patron of Martha Graham. Her sojourns in Israel became longer until finally she settled permanently in Tel Aviv.

In the USA she had created a foundation for Art and Sciences in her name, and in Israel, she created more for crafts, arts and learning and science. The Bat-Dor Dance Company was established by her in 1964, and the Centre for Dance Medicine in 1985. Batsheva died in 1999.

The Rothschild Archive holds very few private papers of Batsheva. For information about a small collection of promotional material and photographs relating to the Bat-Dor Dance Company, see Papers of institutions: Bat-Dor Dance Company »  

Bethsabée (Batsheva) de Rothschild: artefacts, n.d.

000/2655, 5 items

A collection of five large empty wooden boxes, with metal banding. Each box has a lock, with a key. The boxes are identified thus: ER 73 1.3; ER 74 2.74; ER 75 3.75; ER 76 4.5; ER 84 1.84. The boxes originally held crystal and other glass from the collection of Bethsabée (Batsheva) de Rothschild. When Bethsabée died, her collections were sold in 2000 by Christie's who after the sale, with the permission of the executors, gifted these empty boxes to The Rothschild Archive.

Bethsabée (Batsheva) de Rothschild: photographs, 1936-1995

000/1825, 37 files

Bethsabée (Batsheva) de Rothschild: photographs. This collection includes a number of loose private family photographs, and photographs in albums, depicting family and friends, homes in Tel Aviv and France, holidays and tours, Bethsabée's dogs and the award of an honorary degree to Bathsheva from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Included in the collection are a number of photographs and albums relating to the Batsheva Dance Company, the Bat-Dor Dance Company, and the Bat-Dor Dance Theatre, including publicity photographs, production photographs, tour photographs and other production images. Other photographs relate to the Batsheva Craft Corporation Ltd. People depicted in the photographs include Martha Graham, Jeanette Ordman, Guy de Rothschild, Jaqueline Piatigorsky (nee de Rothschild), Germaine Baroness Edouard de Rothschild, Lili Kraemer, Leonard Bernstein, Mosche Dayan, Queen Juliana and Princess Irene of The Netherlands, Jawaharlal Nehru, many dancers and people from the dance world. Many items are captioned.

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