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Edouard Alphonse James de Rothschild (1868-1949)

Edouard Alphonse James de Rothschild was born in Paris on 24 February 1868, the third child and only son of Alphonse and Leonora de Rothschild. Surviving a youthful duel, which he fought to combat anti- Semitic insults, Edouard and his younger cousin, Robert, directed the affairs of the Paris House. He was a director of the Bank of France and was closely involved with the administration of the family's railway interests.

On 5 March 1905, Edouard married Germaine Halphen and the couple lived on the rue Saint Florentin, Ferrières and Sans Souci. At Ferrières, he had a golf course constructed, while his stud farm at Meautry was one of the most successful in France. Edouard had inherited much of his father's art collection and he and Germaine were hosts to numerous artists and musicians at the rue Saint Florentin.

Edouard was elegant and self-effacing. His kindliness towards his children was not in evidence at the bank, where he was highly-strung and frequently impatient. Edouard and his family reached the safety of the USA in 1940. He returned to France after the war to piece together the bank's affairs, assemble his own art collections and to try to restore his stud to its former glory.

Edouard Alphonse de Rothschild, calling card, n.d.

000/2912/1/9, 1 item

Calling card 'Le Baron et la Baronne Edouard de Rothschild, 2 Rue St Florentin' (Edouard Alphonse James de Rothschild (1868-1949) and Germaine de Rothschild (née Halphen) (1884-1975)), an invitation card with manuscript invitation, undated.

Edouard Alphonse de Rothschild, artefacts, commemorative silk scarf, c.1935

000/2289, 1 item

A silk scarf commemorating the Grand Prix de Paris in 1935 won by Baron Edouard de Rothschild's horse 'Crudite', published by Galeries Lafayette, in the style of the traditional Epsom Derby scarves with central named portrait surrounded by vignettes with extensive printed details of the race since its inception in 1863, and a yellow border.

Edouard Alphonse de Rothschild, Hebrew manuscript, n.d.

000/448, 1 item

Hebrew manuscript, in praise of Edouard Alphonse de Rothschild. The mansucript was written by Barach Werber, an Austrian Hebraist, born in Galicia (c.1800-1876). He founded a Jewish weekly under the title 'Ija-Ibri' and, later, 'Ibri Anoki', which ran from 1865 to 1890. After his death, it was edited by his son, Jacob. The manuscript is extremely hyperbolic in tone and follows a traditional format. A translation of the text into English is available.

Edouard Alphonse de Rothschild, private papers, Cannes Country Club, c.1927

000/2606, 1 item

Printed booklet comprising a list of names and addresses of members of the Cannes Country Club, Mougins, c.1927. The Cannes Country Club was founded in 1923. It was re-launched in 1927 as a golf course and country club with famous patrons such as the Aga Khan and Baron Edouard de Rothschild. Today it is one of France's most respected golf courses. This directory lists a number of members of the Rothschild family as members: Baron and Baronne Edouard de Rothschild, Baron Eugene von Rothschild, Guy de Rothschild, Mr and Mrs James de Rothschild, Lionel Nathan de Rothschild, Baron Maurice de Rothschild.

Edouard Alphonse de Rothschild, sundry press cuttings, 'Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung', 1940


Article from the German newspaper Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung, 1940. The article is entitled 'Rothschild raumt den kontinent' [Rothschild clears the continent]. The main photograph is of an elderly Edouard de Rothschild (1868-1949) in a Madrid hotel, with the caption 'Ein Document fur den Zufammenbruch einer Welt' [A document for the collapse of a world]. The second page is titled 'Flucht der Wenigen' [the flight of the few] illustrated with photographs of departing prominent Jews with their luggage.