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Germaine, Baroness Édouard de Rothschild (née Halphen) (1884-1975)

The French philanthropist Germaine Alice Halphen was born in Paris in 1884, the daughter of the financcier Émile Halphen and philanthropist Louise Fould. She was the granddaughter of Paul Fould (1837-1917), the niece of the composer Fernand Halphen, the cousin of Gaston Gradis and cousin of Noémie Halphen (wife of Baron Maurice de Rothschild). She married Édouard de Rothschild in1905, and the couple had three children, Guy de Rothschild, Jacqueline de Piatigorsky (née de Rothschild) and  Batsheba de Rothschild.

In 1938, she founded the Jewish Committee for Children of Germany and Central European refugees in France. In 1942, she was successful in securing the emigration of 130 Jewish children to the United States.

Germaine de Rothschild, publications, 1952

000/995, 1 volume

Bernard Palissy et son école by Germaine de Rothschild. An illustrated volume on the work of Bernard Palissy, 1952.

Germaine de Rothschild: publications, 1962

000/2592, 1 volume

Luigi Boccherini sa vie, son ouvre, by Germaine de Rothschild (Librairie Plon, Paris, 1962).