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Saskia de Rothschild (b.1987)

Saskia Anna Esther Maria del Mar de Rothschild is the daughter of Baron Eric Alain Robert David de Rothschild (b.1940) and Baronne Maria-Beatrice de Rothschild (née Caracciolo di Forino) (b.1955). 

As an investigative journalist, Saskia de Rothschild spent a month interviewing inmates at the notorious La Maca prison in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, filmed for a documentary the first female U.S. Marines sent to Afghanistan’s front lines; and investigated the mining industry in Greenland. She published her first novel, Erable, in 2015.

In April 2018, Saskia de Rothschild became the youngest person to lead a first growth Bordeaux estate, also becoming the first female chairwoman of Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite), the extended family's global wine business, succeding her father Baron Eric de Rothschild. See Estates: Château Lafite for further papers relating to Lafite including a copy of Château Lafite: The Almanac, by Saskia de Rothschild and Baron Eric de Rothschild (Flammarion, Paris, 2020) celebrating 150 years of Château Lafite (000/2733).

Saskia de Rothschild, published works, 'Erable', 2015

000/2982, 1 volume

Erable, Saskia de Rothschild (Éditions Stock, 2015). A novel.