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Charles-James de Rothschild Hospital, Gouvieux, Oise

Founded in 1891 by Laura Thérèse de Rothschild (1847-1931) at Gouvieux. Overseen by Dr. Calot, the medical director of the Nathaniel de Rothschild Hospital and the Berck-sur-mer dispensary, the Charles-James Hospital was intended to service two needs under the same roof: a dispensary and a hospital. The dispensary provided free consultations and sometimes free medication. The hospital looked after those who needed longer-term care or surgery. Between 1891 and 1893, 2,114 consultations were held and 210 patients were admitted to the hospital. The hospital served the 2,000-strong community of Gouvieux, and supplemented the créche established by Laura Thérèse in 1888. The créche was named after her daughter, Jeanne, and looked after a daily average of thirty children between the ages of fifteen months and four years.

Charles-James de Rothschild Hospital, secondary sources, 'L'hopital Charles-James de Rothschild A Gouvieux (Oise)', 1896

000/2462, 1 volume

Copy of L'hopital Charles-James de Rothschild A Gouvieux (Oise) par Le Dr F. Calot, Chirurgien de l'hopital Nathaniel de Rothschild et du Dispensaire Henri de Rothschild de Berck-sur-Mer et Le Dr Vincent, Medecin de l'hopital de Gouvieux (G.Masson, Paris, 1896). The volume is an illustrated history of the hospital, together with descriptions of services and departments.