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Fondation Amschel Mayer Rothschild zur Israeliitischen Jungfrauen, Frankfurt

The Amschel Mayer von Rothschild Foundation for the Jewish Poor in Frankfurt was set up in 1857 under the terms of the will of Amschel Mayer (1773-1855) with an initial capital of 1,200,000 gulden. The interest on the capital was disbursed weekly amongst the Jewish poor, with differing amounts being granted to groups depending on their circumstances. Provision was also made for any remaining sums of the interest to supply fuel in the winter months. By 1885 the Foundation was administered from 145-149 Judengasse, and then in the restored Rothschild family home at 147-148. In 1940, the assets of the Foundation were seized by the State.

Foundation Amschel Mayer von Rothschild zur Israelitischen Jungfrauen, Frankfurt, sundry papers, n.d.

000/2279, 1 file

Copies of papers concerning the foundation of “der Freiherrlich Amschel Mayer von Rothschild'schen milden Stiftung zur Ausstattung unbemittelter Israelitischen Jungfrauen in Frankfurt am Main".