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Fondation Rothschild, Paris

Baron James de Rothschild (1792-1868) established a foundation in Paris in 1852, of which the first manifestation was the construction of a hospital on the rue Picpus. Between 1852 and 1860, the hospital accommodated 8,000 patients, and patient numbers increased steadily in the following decades. The scope of activities of the Fondation Rothschild was extended by the Rothschild brothers Alphonse (1827-1905), Gustave (1829-1911) and Edmond (1845-1934) in 1904. In addition to healthcare, the Fondation objective was to improve the material condition of workers, and the Fondation built six tenement blocks on the roads named Marcadet, Bargue, Belleville, Popincourt and Lamblardie, which consisted of 1,200 apartments and 160 commercial sites. The building materials used meant that the exterior had a less forbidding appearance than many similar projects. The buildings had excellent sanitary provisions and communal services, the later ones benefiting from educational provisions, a dispensary, and an electricity supply.

Papers relating to the Fondation Rothschild, rue Picpus, including Statutes of the Fondation Rothschild, 1911, correspondence, minutes and agreements, press cuttings and papers concerning the formal transfer of funds to the housing charity Oeuvre des Loyers will be found in the Lafite Papers (file OC 161).

Fondation Rothschild, Paris, reports and publications, 1937; 1952, c.1980-2005

000/2465, 1 folder

Copies of printed publications concerning La Fondation de Rothschild: La Fondation de Rothschild Hopital - Hospices - Orphelinat - Sanatorium, 1850-1937 (photocopy of an illustrated booklet detailing the history and services provided, 1937); La Fondation de Rothschild 1852-1952 (illustrated book - 100th anniversary history, 1952); Fondation de Rothschild La Maison de Retraite-Geriatrie (illustrated brochure for the Rothschild Fondation retirement home, 1980s); Fondation de Rothschild Presentation des deux nouvelles unites da la Fondation mise en service au cours du premier trimestre 1982 (illustrated brochure for two new units of the Fondation opened in 1982); Fondation Alphonse de Rothschild. la Maison de Convalescence de Chantilly (illustrated brochure for convalescent home in Chantilly, 1980s); Fondation Adolphe de Rothschild. Livret D'Accueil (illustrated 'Welcome booklet', 1980s);  Fondation de Rothschild La Maison de Retraite-Geriatrie (illustrated brochure for the Rothschild Fondation retirement home, 1990s); Fondation Rothschild 130 ans de Solidarité (illustrated book - 130th anniversary history, 1982); Fondation Rothschild & Institut Alain de Rothschild, 150 ans de solidarité d'innovation et de creation (illustrated booklet - 150th anniversary history, 2002); Fondation Opthalmologique Adolph de Rothschild (large desk diary for 2005 (blank), early pages list departments and services, 2005). 

Fondation Rothschild, Paris, Hôpital Rothschild, postcard, c.1910

000/2477, 1 item

Postcard of the Hôpital Rothschild (Rothschild Hospital), in the rue Picpus, Paris.

Fondation Rothschild, Paris, social housing, designs and plans, 1905

000/2322, 1 item

Elevation and plan of unexecuted design for social housing by the Fondation Rothschild, rue de Prague, Paris, by MM André Ventre and Léon Besnard. Reproduced in L'Architecture, Supplement No.36, 1905. The final design was chosen through an architectural competition meant to inspire ideas, with significant prize moneys for the winners but no guarantee of their concepts being realised. The design finally chosen was by Augustin Adolphe Rey, the house architect of the Fondation Rothschild, Paris 1905-1907.

Fondation Rothschild, Paris, social housing, secondary sources, 1904

000/1391, 1 item

L'Illustration Journal Universel dated 2 July 1904 No. 3201. This issue includes an article on a donation of 10 million francs by the Fondation Rothschild to be used to build housing for workers. The article includes illustrations of Alphonse, Gustave and Edmond de Rothschild.

Fondation Rothschild, Paris, social housing, secondary sources, 1906

000/2395, 1 volume

The International Studio, An Illustrated Monthly Magazine of Fine Applied Art, No.110, Vol XXVIII, April 1906, (New York: John Lane Company, The Bodley Head: 1906). This issue includes an article on 'The Rothschild Artisan's Dwellings in Paris Designed by Agustin Rey, described by H.Frantz.' Includes 19 illustrations and floor plans. These were the buildings built by the Fondation Rothschild in Paris to house workers.