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L’Hôpital Henri de Rothschild, Paris

Henri de Rothschild (1872-1947) became a medical practitioner specialising in infant medicine, publishing over 100 papers and making substantial practical contributions to the field. Henri also established milk distribution schemes and other practical projects to improve public health. During the First World War, while in charge of the military hospital at Soissons, he invented a portable burns unit for use in battle zones.  In 1919 he became one of the founders of the Curie Foundation. 

He built a hospital in Paris, and the construction of a 100-bed facility at 199 rue Marcadet, Paris, in 1894 marked the first stage of the creation of what was to become the Mathilde-Henri de Rothschild Foundation. The foundation was renamed in 1929, after a thorough reconstruction, in memory of Henri's wife Mathilde (1874-1926). The polyclinic was equipped with the most up to date facilities of the time.

L’Hôpital Henri de Rothschild, secondary sources, 'L'Auto-Vélo', 1902

000/1950, 1 item

Copy of the periodical L'Auto-Vélo, dated 20 December 1902, with an article concerning the L’hôpital Henri de Rothschild.