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L’Hôpital Rothschild, Berck Plage, Pas-de-Calais

In 1872, James Edouard de Rothschild (1844-1881) founded a hospital at Berck-sur-mer in the Pas de Calais which he named after his late father, Nathaniel. James Edouard died just ten years after the foundation of the hospital, which nevertheless benefited from the devotion to it of his widow, Laura Thérèse.

The hospital took on a therapeutic role in the treatment of tuberculosis. Hospitals and benevolent institutes were created to cater for the sick and those in need of rest and recuperation. The hospital specialised in the care of children, using the thalassotherapeutic cure discovered in the region. The Berck dispensary was founded in 1892 by Henri de Rothschild (1872-1947), James Edouard's son. A wide range of medical services were established such as dentistry and surgery, although the dispensary specialised in the care and nourishment of infants. In fact, this aspect of the service became independent in 1904, in which year alone 192,741 litres of sterilised milk were dispensed.

L’Hôpital Rothschild, Berck Plage, Pas-de- Calais, postcards , c.1900-1920

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A collection of postcard views of the hospital:

  • Docteur Calot, Chirurgien en chef de l'Hôpital Rothschild de Berck plage, L'Hôpital Rothschild 
  • Berck plage, Rue Rothschild, villa du Dr Calot
  • Berck plage, Rue Rothschild
  • Berck Plage, Chalet de Rothschild
  • Berck Plage, Le Château de Rothschild
  • Colour view of Hôpital Rothschild, Berck Plage, c.1920
  • Berck plage - rue Rothschild & villa du docteur Calot, 1905