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North London Synagogue

The Rothschild family have traditionally been strong supporters of London's synagogues. Although the United Synagogue only came into existence in 1870, the roots of the movement toward unification can be traced back to 1835.  This year saw the signing of the treaty between the Hambro', Great and New synagogues which centralised the distribution of aid to the poor affiliated to all three synagogues.  The proposer of the treaty was Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1777-1836). Nathan served as warden of the Great Synagogue in 1818 along with his brother-in-law Solomon Cohen. He first proposed the idea in 1823 and hosted negotiations at New Court in 1824. 

The congregation of the North London Synagogue formed c.1860, and the new synagogue in Lofting Road (originally known as John Street West), Islington, London N1 opened in 1868, the foundation stone having been laid by Ferdinand de Rothschild in 1867. The synagogue closed in 1958 and amalgamated with the Dalston Synagogue. The building has since been demolished.

North London Synagogue, Order of service for the laying of the foundation stone by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild, 1867

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Order of Service on the Occasion of Laying the Foundation Stone of the North London Synagogue by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild (Wertheimer, Lea & Co. London, 1867). This small pamphlet contains a copy of the addresses given by The Rev. Chief Rabbi and Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild (1839-1898), in Hebrew and English.