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Society for the Promotion of Nature Reserves, The ‘Rothschild Reserves’ Archive

000/2146, 7 boxes, 5 CD-Roms, 2 items

Original survey papers of the survey conducted between 1912-1915 by The Society for the Promotion of Nature Reserves (SPNR), and sundry correspondence. This accession primarily contains the original survey reports that were returned in the survey of 1912-1915, and form the basis of what was to become ‘Rothschild’s List’. Charles co-ordinated the survey from the Rothschild bank premises at New Court, where he was a Partner. The list documentation was stored in Rothschild Bank blue envelopes – roughly one envelope for each of the 284 sites, and the envelopes remained in the Society (and later The Wildlife Trusts) offices for the next 100 years.

On the front of each envelope was written the reference number of the site in a circle, and the name of the location or location and details of the landowner. Along with a site questionnaire containing information on why the site was proposed as a potential nature reserve, the envelopes usually contain a map showing the area in question and, sometimes, correspondence with landowners, land agents and the individual proposing the site.

Note on the site reference numbers: most envelopes are identified with a unique sequential site reference number; this is usually a one, two or three digit number. Occasionally the sites are further referenced by the addition of an identifying letter, e.g. ‘No 59A’. For some sites, they have further been identified by a further sub-division using a lower-case letter reference e.g. ‘a, b, c, d’ etc. The names of places are as recorded on the original blue envelopes, and are in many cases the historic spellings used by the Society.

The collection also includes folders of sundry correspondence dating from 1912-1915, largely addressed to the Secretary of the Society for the Promotion of Nature Reserves, filed alphabetically in Rothschild Bank blue envelopes. The letters concern offers of support for the work of the Society, often prompted by the correspondents having read press articles about the Society and its work. Other letters concern specific matters relating to the sites surveyed, and there is a cache of correspondence concerning administrative affairs of the Society, including correspondence with Charles Rothschild, and a list of members of the Society.

Included in this collection are CD-Rom disks containing digitised images of the papers available on The Wildlife Trusts website. Also transferred to the Archive is a tin trunk in which the survey papers are believed to have been kept in the vaults at New Court, before they were transferred to the custody of the Society, and  wooden filing cabinet, bearing paper labels of The British Museum (Natural History), in which it is believed the papers were filed when they were received at the Society’s offices at the British Museum, and in which they remained stored in a variety of locations, before being transferred to the Archive from the offices of The Wildlife Trusts. 

The 'Rothschild Reserves' Digital Archive: The survey returns and sundry correspondence were digitised by The Wildlife Trusts as part of The Wildlife Trusts Centenary celebrations in 2012, and may be consulted online on the website of The Wildlife Trusts »

List of available records

Site No.001: Bricket Wood & Common, Hertfordshire
Site No.002: Benfleet Creek & Saltings, Canvey Island, Essex
Site No.003: Devils Kneading Trough, Wye Kent
Site No.004: Chippenham Fen, Cambridgeshire
Site No.005: One of the Coombs between Bude & Boscastle, Cornwall
Site No.005A No envelope, presumed Missing
Site No.006: Aldbury Nowers, Tring, Hertfordshire
Site No.007: Meathop Moss, Witherslack, Grange-over-Sands Lancashire
Site No.008: Sutton Bog & Heath, Wansford, Northamptonshire
Site No.009: Helpstone Heath, Peterborough
Site No.010: Saltee Islands
Site No.011: Steep Holm Island, Bristol Channel
Site No.012: Wyre Forest
Site No.013: Hengistbury Head, Christchurch
Site No.014: Hornsea Mere, York
Site No.015 No envelope (see Site No.048)
Site No.016: Spurn Point
Site No.017: Lawkland Moss, Ingleborough Hill, Yorkshire
Site No.018: Middleton Rigg, Lune Valley, Yorkshire
Site No.019: Sheepleas, Horsley, Surrey
Site No.020: Isle of Wight
Site No.021: Dartmoor
Site No.022: Worms [Worm’s] Head, Glamorgan
Site No.023: Dungeness
Site No.024: Coombs S. of Hartland Quay, N. W. Devon & Cornwall
Site No.025: Woolpack and other Fleets, N. of Dungeness, Kent
Site No.026: The Ray, Mersea, Essex & Hallmarsh
Site No.027: New Forest
Site No.028: Gorsedene, Frensham
Site No.029: Roche Abbey, S. Yorkshire, near Rotherham
Site No.030: Maltby Woods, B. Maltby Common (Far and Near), Yorkshire
Site No.031: Abbots Moss, Cheshire
Site No.032: Upper Teesdale
Site No.033: Bardrain Glen Marshes, round Hartfield and Capham Dam., Renfrew, Scotland
Site No.034: Crundale Downs, near Chilam, Kent
Site No.035: Puffin Island
Site No.036: National Park for Scotland
Site No.037: Llandudno Sand Hills, Carnarvon
Site No.038: Sudbourne Beach; Oxford Beach; Kings Marshes; Lantern Marshes near Aldeburgh, Suffolk
Site No.039: Maidstone area, Kent
Site No.040 Freshfield, Lancashire, Simmons Wood Moss, Lancashire, S and hills at Wallasey, Cheshire
Site No.041: Whitecliff Bay, Bembridge, Isle of Wight
Site No.042: Dovedale, S. W. Derbyshire
Site No.043: Gull Rock (East of Falmouth), Cornwall
Site No.044: Cornwall, Part of North Coast of
Site No.045: Abbotts Wood, near Polegate Junction, Surrey
Site No.046: Barton Hills, Beds
Site No.047 Ballard Down & cliffs; Studland Sandunes & Littlesea; Morden Decoy; Branksea Island
Site No.048 Askham Bog, near York; Askham Bog, North Riding; Thorne Moor, West Riding; Hatfield Chase, West Riding; Askernbog, West Riding
Site No.049 Burnham and Berrow, Somerset Pittswood Harborne, Birmingham
Site No.050: Sychnant Pass, Conway, Wales
Site No.051: Tregaron Bog, Cardigan, Wales
Site No.052: Ronas Hll, Main Shetland Island
Site No.053: Tafts’Ness, island of Sanday, Orkney Island
Site No.054: St. Kilda
Site No.055: South of Kenmare Riner, Kerry
Site No.056: Ferndown, near Bournemouth
Site No.057: Hopwas - Hayes Wood, Staffs
Site No.058: Oib, Loch Swee, Scotland, West coast Argyll
Site No.059: Kilnsey Crag, Crassington, Yorks
Site No.059A: The Woodlands on the east side of Kettlewell Valley
Site No.060: Box Hill, Surrey
Site No.061: The Warren, Folkestone, Kent
Site No.062: Burrafirth
Site No.063: Freshney and Aylesby Bogs, Lincolnshire
Site No.064: Scotton Common near Gainsborough Lincolnshire
Site No.065: Hartslock Wood and land bordering Thames
Site No.066: Braunton Burrows, N. Devon
Site No.067: Cliffs from The Lizard including Kynance Cove, Cornwall
Site No.068: St. Osyth and Clacton-on-Sea, North Essex Coast
Site No.069: Pusey Camp or Cherbury Camp, Berks
Site No.070: Garboldisham Heath, Thetford Norfolk
Site No.071: Thames Estuary
Site No.072: The White Water near Southorpe, Northants
Site No.073: Ben Lawes [Lawers], Perthshire
Site No.074 No envelope [see Site No.5A]
Site No.075 Upton Towans, St Ives Corwall
Site No.076 Limestone Hills on the Mendips N.W. of Wells, Somersetshire
Site No.077 No envelope [see Site No.59A]
Site No.078: East shore of Lough Neagh, Antrim
Site No.079: Hemley near Woodbridge,East Suffolk
Site No.080: Ahascragh Galway
Site No.081: Bogs close to Mowhill, Co Leitrim
Site No.082: Bogs about Cookstown, Co Tyrone
Site No.082A: Bog bordering the Shannon, Ahascragh, Calway
Site No.083 Bogs about Killucan near Mullingar
Site No.084 Hempstead Wood, Hailsham Sussex
Site No.085: Swanage undercliff
Site No.086: Wistmans Wood, Devon
Site No.087: Ashcott District, Somerset
Site No.088: Cloonee Valley, Kerry
Site No.089: St Anne’s-on-Sea, Lancs
Site No.090: Worle Hill, Somerset
Site No.091: Naphill Common, Bradenham, Buckinghamshire
Site No.092: The Valley of Rocks Lynton, Devonshire
Site No.093: Stanner Rocks, Radnorshire
Site No.094: Near the South Stack Lighthouse, Holyhead, Anglesey
Site No.095: Port Darfarch, Holyhead, Anglesey
Site No.096: Craig Breidden, Montgomeryshire
Site No.097: Sully Island, Glamorganshire
Site No.098: Horsell Common, Woking, Surrey
Site No.099: Area west of the River Shin, Sutherland
Site No.100: Kingley Bottom, Sussex
Site No.101: Hartlebury Common, Stourport Worcestershire
Site No.102: Sand-Hills, Winterton, Norfolk
Site No.103: Craig. Roft, Great Ormes Head
Site No.104: Llandudno, Great Ormes Head
Site No.105: Norfolk Broads
Site No.106: Portland, Weymouth Dist, Dorsetshire
Site No.107: Staffhurst Wood, Surrey South of
Site No.108: Swaddiwell an old quarry Helpstone, Northamptonshire
Site No.109: River Medway
Site No.110: Creagan Dhail Bheag, Aberdeenshire; Caen Lochan Glen, Forfarshire; Lochnagar, Aberdeenshire; Glen Doll, Forfarshire; Glen Fee, Forfarshire; Loch Kander, Aberdeenshire; Mleike Kilrannoch [Meikle], Forfarshire
Site No.111: Aberffraw, S. Anglesey, N. Wales
Site No.112 No envelope [see Site No.95]
Site No.113: Skerries, Anglesey
Site No.114: Callander, Perthshire
Site No.115: Ailsa Crag, Ayrshire
Site No.116: Brimpton Common, Berkshire
Site No.117: Aston Upthorpe Downs, Berkshire
Site No.118: Greenham Common, Berkshire
Site No.119: Bacombe Hill, N. Wendover, Buckinghamshire
Site No.120: Brickhill Heath, Buckinghamshire
Site No.121: Cad’s Dene, N. Little Kimble, Buckinghamshire
Site No.122: Coombe Hill, N. Wendover, Buckinghamshire
Site No.123: Dorney Wood, N. Burnham Beeches, Bucks
Site No.124: Kidwelly, Carmarthen
Site No.125: Reay, Caithness
Site No.126: Devil’s Dyke, Cambridge
Site No.127: Littlesea N. Studland, S. Dorset
Site No.128: Wicken Fen, Cambridge
Site No.129: Clogwyn, Snowdon, N. Carnawonshire
Site No.130 No envelope [see Site No.3]
Site No.131: Llyn Idwal, Cliffs of Carnawonshire
Site No.132: Wybunbury Fen, Cheshire
Site No.133: Goonhilly Downs, St Keverne, Cornwall
Site No.134: Lizard near Gunwalloe, Cornwall
Site No.135: Kea Downs, Truro, Cornwall
Site No.136: Newquay, Dunes below Newquay & Perranporth, Cornwall
Site No.137: Wick River, Tidal positions of
Site No.138: Millersdale, Derbyshire
Site No.139: Berry Head, near Brixham, Devon
Site No.140: Hartland Quay, Cliffs south of, North Devon
Site No.141: Bloxworth Heath, Dorset
Site No.142: Chesil Beach [Bank], Dorset
Site No.143: Osea Island, Blackwater River, Essex
Site No.144: Kenfig, Glamorgan
Site No.145: Durdham Down, near Bristol, Gloucester
Site No.146: St Vincent Rocks, near Bristol, Gloucester
Site No.147: Woodchester, near Stroud, Gloucestershire
Site No.148: Bass Rock, Haddingtonshire [Scotland]
Site No.149: Apes Down, Isle of Wight, Hampshire
Site No.150: Calshot Bank Salting, near Southampton, Hampshire
Site No.151: Hook Common, Hampshire
Site No.152: Odiham Marsh, Hampshire
Site No.153: St Catherine’s Hill, near Winchester, Hampshire
Site No.154: Ludlow Great Wood, Herefordshire
Site No.155: Holm Fen, Huntingdonshire
Site No.156: Wood Walton Fen, Huntingdonshire
Site No.157: Blean Wood, near Canterbury, Kent
Site No.158 No envelope [see Site No.34]
Site No.159: Littlestone, Kent
Site No.160: Medway Saltings, near Rochester, Kent
Site No.161: Pegwell Bay, Kent
Site No.162: Sandwich, Kent
Site No.163: Whitstable, Cliffs south of, Kent
Site No.164: Ainsdale & Birkdale, Lancashire
Site No.165: Skegness Sand Dunes, Lincolnshire
Site No.166: Craig Breidden, Montgomeryshire
Site No.167: Burnham Overy, Norfolk
Site No.168: Caister, Norfolk
Site No.169: Holt Common, Norwich, Norfolk
Site No.170: Scoulton Mere, Norfolk
Site No.171: Harleston Heath, Northamptonshire
Site No.172: Oakley Purlieus, near Kettering, Northamptonshire
Site No.173: Farne Islands, Northumberland
Site No.174: Holy Island, Northumberland
Site No.175: Ross Links, near Newcastle, Northumberland
Site No.176: Wytchwood Forest, Oxfordshire
Site No.177: [Beinn] Laoigh, Perthshire [Scotland]
Site No.178: Boughrood, near Three Cock’s Junction, Radnorshire
Site No.179: Bomere, near Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Site No.180: Brean Down, Somersetshire
Site No.181: Porlock Weir, Somerset
Site No.182: Uphill Cliffs, Somerset
Site No.183: Tuddenham Fen, River Lark, Suffolk
Site No.184: Amberley Wild Brooks, near Arundel, Sussex
Site No.185: Camber Castle, Sussex
Site No.186: Chichester Harbour, Sussex
Site No.187: Lewes Downs, Sussex
Site No.188: Langstone Harbour, Sussex
Site No.189: Selsey Bill, Sussex
Site No.190: Ben Hope, near Sutherlandshire [Scotland]
Site No.191: Betty Hill, near Sutherlandshire [Scotland]
Site No.192: Inchnadamph, S.W. Sutherlandshire, [Scotland]
Site No.193: Hutton Roof, Westmoreland
Site No.194: Flamborough Head, Yorkshire
Site No.195: Forge Valley, west side of Scarborough, Yorkshire
Site No.196: Grass Wood, Grassington, Yorkshire
Site No.197: Widdy Bank, Teesdale, Yorkshire
Site No.198: Lyme Regis (undercliffs), Dorset
Site No.199: Wareham Heath, Dorset
Site No.200: Cublin Sands, [Scotland]
Site No.201: Beauly River, north side, Inverness-shire [Scotland]
Site No.202: Rerwick, Cliffs near Kircudbrightshire [Scotland]
Site No.203 & Site No.204: Rannoch, Perthshire [Scotland]
Site No.205 Sow of Atholl, Perthshire [Scotland]
Site No.206 Tain Sand Hills, Ross-shire [Scotland]
Site No.207 Glen Luce Sand hills, Wigtonshire [Scotland]
Site No.207A Port William, Shingle Beach, Wigtonshire, [Scotland]
Site No.208 Louch Neagh, shores, County Antrim [Ireland]
Site No.209 White & Ash Cliffs, County Antrim [Ireland]
Site No.210 Burren near Bally Vaghan, County Clare [Ireland]
Site No.211 North Bull, Dublin [Ireland]
Site No.212 Errisbeg, near Roundstone, County Galway [Ireland]
Site No.213 Brandon Mountains, County Kerry [Ireland]
Site No.214 Gap of Dunloe, County Kerry [Ireland]
Site No.215 Killarney, Upper Lake of, & surroundings, County Kerry [Ireland]
Site No.216 Near Lady Island, Wexford [Ireland]
Site No.217 Aaven’s [Raven’s] Point, Wexford [Ireland]
Site No.218 Wexford Sand Dunes, Wexford [Ireland]
Site No.219 Start point, Near Dartmouth, Devonshire
Site No.220 Snodland Down, Medway, Kent
Site No.221 Heathpool Heathland, near Wellington College, Berks
Site No.222 Adventurers’ Fen, Cambridgeshire
Site No.223 Trobaston Fell, Hobcarton Crags, Cumberland
Site No.224 Arbroath, Forfarshire [Scotland]
Site No.225 Sow of Athol, Perthshire [Scotland]
Site No.226 St Catherine’s Point, Isle of Wight
Site No.227 Roudsea Wood, Fish house Moss, Deer Dike Moss, Striben Moss, Ellerside Moss, Lancashire
Site No.228 S.W. Side of Ben Bulben, west of Glen Car, near Sligo [Ireland]
Site No.229 Shapwick Heath & Street Heath, Glastonbury, Somersetshire
Site No.230 Bradenham, Buckinghamshire
Site No.231 Ruskin Reserve, Cothill, near Oxford, Berks
Site No.232 Tandridge hill, Oxted, Surrey
Site No.233 Rostherne Mere, near Bowdon, Cheshire
Site No.234 Ashdown Forest, Sussex
Site No.235 Leigh Woods, near Bristol, Gloucestershire
Site No.236 Ansdell, Rossal to Fleetwood Barracks, Lancashire
Site No.237 Pinewood near Littlebourne, Kent
Site No.238 Llanddwyn Island, Anglesea, Wales
Site No.239 Blakeney Point, Norfolk
Site No.240 Loch Ruthven, Inverness-shire [Scotland]
Site No.241 Presaddfed Lake, Anglesey
Site No.242 Foula, Shetland Isles [Scotland]
Site No.243 Crag Lough, Bardon Hill, Northumberland
Site No.244 Babbicombe, Cliffs at, near Torquay, Devon
Site No.245 Rose Haugh, above Fort Rose, Black Isle [Scotland]
Site No.246 Craig y Cilau, Breconshire, [Wales]
Site No.247 Loch Leven (area near) Kinross-shire [Scotland]
Site No.248 Holborn Head & Clardon Head near Thurso, Caithness-shire [Scotland]
Site No.249 Loch Scarmclate, Caithness-shire [Scotland]
Site No.250 Wester [West] Watten Moss, near Walton, Caithness-shire [Scotland]
Site No.251 Beinn Heasgarnick [Laoigh], Perthshire [Scotland]
Site No.252 Beinn nan Eachan, Perthshire [Scotland]
Site No.253 Lochan na Lairige, Perthshire [Scotland]
Site No.254 Balta Sound, Shetlands [Scotland]
Site No.255 Barry Links, Carnonstie Forfarshire [Scotland]
Site No.256 Tairneilear, Cuillin Hills, Isle of Skye [Scotland]
Site No.257 Ben Vrackie, Perthshire [Scotland]
Site No.258 Loch Tummerll, Perthshire [Scotland]
Site No.259 Keltneyburn, Perthshire [Scotland]
Site No.260 Loch Rescobie, Forfarshire [Scotland]
Site No.261 Restnneth Marsh, Forfarshire [Scotland]
Site No.262 Lunan & Auchmithie, Forfarshire [Lunan Bay and Auchmithie Cliffs, Scotland]
Site No.263 Loch Laide, near Abriachan Inverness-shire [Scotland]
Site No.264 National Park of Scotland, Forfarshire [Scotland]
Site No.265 Montreathmont Moor, Forfarshire [Scotland]
Site No.266 Oban, area near, known as the Ardconnell Estate, Argyllshire [Scotland]
Site No.267 Wick River tidal portion of Caithness-shire [Scotland]
Site No.268 Newham Bog (or Lough) Spindlestone Pond, Northumberland
Site No.269 Dawlish Warren, Devonshire
Site No.270 Royal Worlington & Newmarket Golf links, Suffolk
Site No.271 Red Lodge Warren (or Heath), Suffolk
Site No.272 Barton Mills, Suffolk
Site No.273 Collyerhill Wood, near Wye, Kent
Site No.274 The Crocus Field, near Inkpen, Berkshire
Site No.275 Courtclose Copse, Kingston Bagprinze, Berkshire
Site No.276 Sunny Hill, Kearsney, Alkham, Kent
Site No.277 Hambledon Hill, Yew Wood, Blandford, Dorset
Site No.278 Staverton Park, Melton, Suffolk
Site No.279 Huttoft, Skegness, Lincolnshire
Site No.280 Western Turville Reservoir, near Wendover, Buckinghamshire
Site No.281 West Harp Reservoirs [Welsh Harp Reservoir, Hendon]
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