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The Clementine Children’s Hospital, Frankfurt

Louise von Rothschild (1820-1894) established the Clementine Children's Hospital in memory of her daughter (Clementine (1845-1865)) who died at just twenty years of age. She provided a piece of land at 110 Bornheimer Landwehr, and capital of 800,000 gold marks. The foundation was able to provide free accommodation for girls aged between five and fifteen years, and received substantial donations from three of Clementine's sisters, Laura Therese, Adelheid and Emma. The hospital had to be taken over by the German women's section of the Red Cross after the period of inflation, and a change of name and statute was inevitable, although the hospital remained dedicated to the care of children. However, one free bed remained in memory of Clementine. The building was totally destroyed by bombing in 1943, from which all the children and hospital staff escaped. After the end of the war, the foundation once again bore the name of the Clementine Children's Hospital, and subsequently merged with the Dr Christ Foundation.

The Clementine Children’s Hospital, Frankfurt, deed of endowment, 1897

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Deed of endowment, and rules and regulations of the Clementine Children’s Hospital, Frankfurt, 1897.

The Clementine Children’s Hospital, Frankfurt, booklets and newsletters, 2011-2012

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Secondary sources concerning the Clementine von Rothschild hospital, Frankfurt: Booklet produced by the Clementine Kinderhospital, Clementine Kinderhospital, Klinik für Kinder und Judendmedizin; Booklet 100 Jahre Clementine Kinderkrankenhaus heute Clementine-Kinderhospital Dr Christ'sche Stiftung; newsletters of the Clementine Hospital (in German).