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The Freiherr Carl Mayer von Rothschild'schen Stipendien Stiftung für Israelitische Schüler, Frankfurt

The fourth Rothschild brother, Carl (1788-1855), established the fifth Rothschild House in Naples in 1821 when he travelled to the city to negotiate a loan to the Government of Ferdinand II. Carl took up residence in Italy with his wife Adelheid and their five children.  For the rest of his life he divided his time between his native Frankfurt and Naples.

The family supported a number of institutions in both cities. In the last years of his life, Carl designated the sum of 30,000 gulden to a fund of which the interest was to be used to support scholarships to Jewish students from the Frankfurt community.

Freiherr Carl Mayer von Rothschild'schen Stipendien Stiftung fur Israelitische Schueler, Frankfurt, Regulations, 1854

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Printed booklet in Hebrew, Statutes of the Freiherr Carl Mayer und [Alexander or Adelheid] von Rothschild'schen Stipendien Stiftung fuer Israelitische Schueler, Frankfurt-am-Main, 12 November 1854. This volume reproduces the foundation latter, statutes and list of Regulations of the Baron Rothschild Scholarship Fund, Frankfurt am main, 1854. The scholarships gifted by Carl were intended to finance tuition, school supplies, books and clothes. The regulations listed in this booklet concern the structure of the scholarships, eligibility, requests for scholarships, obligation for Jewish studies to be demonstrated through examinations, the rules regarding the appointment of administrators to the fund and other administrative matters. It is believed that copies of the booklet were printed for bank managers, Rothschild family members and managers and administrators of the fund.