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The Jewish Museum Vienna

The Jewish Museum Vienna is a museum of Jewish history, life and religion in Austria. The first Jewish Museum in Vienna, founded in 1896, was the first Jewish museum in the world of its sort. The museum is present on two locations, in the Palais Eskeles in the Dorotheergasse and in the Judenplatz, and has distinguished itself by a very active programme of exhibitions and outreach events highlighting the past and present of Jewish culture in Austria. 

In 2021-2022, the Trustees of the Rothschild Archive London loaned a number of important items from the collection to a major exhibition on the Viennese Rothschild family, Die Rothschilds - Ein Krimi [The Rothschilds - a Thriller].

The Jewish Museum Vienna: exhibition 'Die Rothschilds, Ein Krimi', exhibition catalogue, 2020

000/2758, 1 volume

The Jewish Museum Vienna: exhibition Die Rothschilds, Ein Krimi,  [The Vienna Rothschilds - A Thriller] (Amalthea for the Judisches Museum Wien, Vienna, 2002), exhibition catalogue.