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The Jewish War Services Committee

In the First World War, three of the sons of Leopold de Rothschild (1845-1917) were officers in the Bucks Yeomanry. Lionel Nathan de Rothschild (1882-1942), the eldest, reluctantly remained at New Court where he was of great value to his country managing the business and organising the recruitment and provision of assistance to the troops. Under Lionel’s direction, a City recruiting office was established at New Court, probably in October 1915. In 1918, a Jewish recruiting committee was established with the purpose of promoting the enlistment of Jews. Edmund Sebag-Montefiore was appointed chairman of the Jewish War Services Committee with Lionel de Rothschild as vice-chairman; the site of operations of the committee was New Court. The honorary secretary was Samuel Stephany, a senior clerk at the Bank.

The Jewish War Services Committee, minutes and papers, 1915-1918

000/358, 000/1796, 1 box

Records of the Jewish War Services Committee, London 1915-1918, including minute book, vouchers 1916-1919, and  receipt book. 000/1796 are fragments from a circular letter written by Leopold de Rothschild  to recruit Jewish men for the army during the First World War;  these fragments survived as they were used as a wrapper for later, unrelated documents. A complete copy of this circular will be found pasted into the minute book in 000/358.

The Jewish War Services Committee, publications, 1915

000/2240, 1 item

Pamphlet Jews and the War by Gabriel Costa, with a preface by Leopold de Rothschild. Issued by The Central Committee for National Patriotic Organizations, 1915.