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Related family papers: Cahen d'Anvers family

Papers and other material concerning extended family members and family associated by marriage to the Rothschilds. Researchers interested in the wider Rothschild family are advised to consult the monumental genealogy of the Rothschild banking family Le Sang des Rothschild by Joseph Valynseele and Henri Mars (ICC Editions, Paris, 2004). A copy is available upon request in the Reading Room.

Anthony Gustav de Rothschild (1887-1961) married Yvonne Lydia Cahen d'Anvers (1899-1977) in 1926. The Cahen d'Anvers were a wealthy Jewish banking family; Yvonne's great-grandmother was Clara Bischoffsheim (1810-1876) of the German-Belgian banking family. Yvonne's mother was Sonia Cahen d'Anvers (née Warshawsky) (1876-1975); her sister was Renée de Montbrison (née Cahen d'Anvers) (1902-2000). Her cousin was Colette Cahen d'Anvers Moore (1911-1969).

Cahen d'Anvers family, family memoirs, 1992

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Typed and bound Journal of Renée de Monbrison (née Cahen d’Anvers) (1902-2000), September 1939-August 1944. Written in  1992, by Renée de Monbrison, for her nephew and niece Renée and Evelyn. This volume is a memoir, Renée de Monbrison's wartime diary, from Sept 1939 to August 1944, which also includes copies of letters, documents, clippings, and post-war writings. Renée de Monbrison (née Cahen d'Anvers), who lived in Southern France, was Jewish, though her husband, Hubert de Montbrison, a member of the Resistance, was a Protestant. Renée used her social networks to escape arrest and deportation. Also included is one memoir written by Colette Cahen d'Anvers Moore (1911-1969), entitled Eight Years of a Life. She describes her memories of her activities in the French Resistance, her December 1941 arrest, her yearlong imprisonment in La Santé prison, her transfer to Fresnes prison in 1943, her July 1943 deportation to Drancy, forced labour in Paris, her escape from a bus, and the liberation of Paris by the American Army. Note: a copy of Baboushka Remembers and A Diary of my Trip to Paraguay, by Sonia Cahen d'Anvers (1876-1975), 1972, written for her grandson Evelyn de Rothschild can be found in the Reading Room.