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Related family papers: Lambert family

Papers and other material concerning extended family members and family associated by marriage to the Rothschilds. Researchers interested in the wider Rothschild family are advised to consult the monumental genealogy of the Rothschild banking family Le Sang des Rothschild by Joseph Valynseele and Henri Mars (ICC Editions, Paris, 2004). A copy is available upon request in the Reading Room.

The Lambert agency

In 1835, the Rothschild agent in Brussels, Lazare Richtenberger, set up a business which in effect became a Rothschild branch in the city. Richtenberger appointed an agent in Antwerp, Samuel Lambert in 1840, who eventually took over the firm upon Richtenberger’s death in 1853. It remained in Lambert family hands, and the business was continued by his son Léon from 1875.

The Lamberts and the Rothschilds

The ties between the Lamberts and the Rothschilds were strengthened by the marriage between Léon and James de Rothschild’s granddaughter Lucie in 1882. Zoë Lucie Betty de Rothschild (1863-1916), known as Lucie, was the eldest daughter of Gustave (1829-1911) and Cécile de Rothschild (née Anspach) (1840-1912). She grew up in the company of her two sisters, Aline later Lady Sassoon (1867-1909), and Bertha Juilette later Baronne Leonino (1870-1896); their only brother Robert (1880-1946) was 17 years her junior.

On 31 May 1882, aged 19, she married Léon Lambert (1851-1919). The couple settled in Brussels on the avenue Marnix, but maintained a home in Paris. Lucie and Léon had four children: Claude Lambert (1884-1971), who married Jean Stern (1875-1962) in 1904; Henri Lambert (1887-1933), who married Johanna von Reininghaus (1899-1960) in 1927; Renée Lambert (1899-1987), who married Baron Paul de Becker Remy (1897-1953). The Lambert’s third child, Betty, was born 22 March 1894. Lucie died in 1916.

In 1911 a marriage was arranged for Betty Lambert by her grandfather and father to a distant cousin, Baron Rudolf Maximillian von Goldschmidt-Rothschild (1881-1962) of Frankfurt. The couple had two sons, Ferdinand (1913-1976), and Alexis (1917-1997). The couple divorced in 1921. Betty established herself in Switzerland and it was there that she met her future husband Baron Jean-Jacques de Bonstetten; they were married in a civil ceremony in London on 16 December 1921, adn the couple had a daughter, Ynes in 1923. In 1933 Betty and Jean-Jacques divorced, but in the anti-Semitic climate of the time she continued to use her married name. During the war, some of Betty’s family fled to America for safety. Her children stayed with her in Switzerland after their studies and Rudolf spent part of his exile from Frankfurt with them. Betty helped many family members, friends and foreigners flee through Switzerland using her network of contacts. Betty died on 29 October 1969.

Lambert family papers, c.1908

000/2493, 3 items

Papers gifted to the Archive by a descendant of the Lambert family: black and white photograph of Gustave de Rothschild (1829-1911) in later life; black and white copy of a painting by R. Gilbert 1895, of Cécile de Rothschild née Anspach (1840-1912); green leather bound volume of Prayers 'Prières d'un coeur Israélite' Librairie Durlacher, Paris, 1908. All items have a  personal dedication to Betty Lambert (1894-1969), daughter of Zoe Lucie Betty de Rothchild, Baroness Lambert (1863-1916). Included in this accession is a certified copy of an entry of marriage, dated 16 December 1921 for  Betty Charlotte Laure von Goldschmidt-Rothschild (formerly Lambert) to Jean Jacques de Bonstetten. Marrried at St George's, Hanover Square London. 

Lambert family photographs, c.1880-1964

000/2615, 39 items, 4 folders

A collection of photographs gifted to the Archive by a descendant of the Lambert family. The photographs were collected by the descendants of Betty de Bonstetten (née Lambert) (1894-1969). Most of the images were used and published in the book ‘Betty’ by Franziska Streun, 2018, Patrick Cramer Editeur, Genève.  This was published privately for the descendants of Betty; a copy is available in the Reading Room.  The photographs include images of Zoe Lucie Betty Lambert (née de Rothschild) (1863-1916), Betty de Bonstetten (née Lambert) (1894-1969) and other members of the Lambert family and extended family.

List available

Lambert family papers, 1909

000/2618, 1 volume

Small leather bound volume 'Trousseau de Betty' documenting gifts given upon the marriage of Betty Lambert (1894-1969) and Rudolf von Goldschmidt-Rothschild (1881-1962). The couple married on 9 January 1909. The volume includes lists of wedding gifts, silverware, linens and other domestic objects. The volume also contains lists of dinner guests invited to the dinner held the night before the wedding.