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Related family papers: Primrose family (Earls of Rosebery)

Papers and other material concerning extended family members and family associated by marriage to the Rothschilds. Researchers interested in the wider Rothschild family are advised to consult the monumental genealogy of the Rothschild banking family Le Sang des Rothschild by Joseph Valynseele and Henri Mars (ICC Editions, Paris, 2004). A copy is available upon request in the Reading Room.

The Primrose family (Earls of Rosebery) are an ancient Scottish family of politicians and statesmen. Archibald Primrose, 1st Earl of Rosebery (1664–1723) was a Scottish politician. Son of Sir Archibald Primrose, Lord Carrington, he was a Commissioner to the Parliament of Scotland for Edinburgh county from 1695. He was created Viscount Rosebery (in the Peerage of Scotland) in 1700. He was created Earl of Rosebery on the accession of Queen Anne in 1703. He was a Commissioner for union with England and was a Scottish representative peer in 1707, 1708, 1710 and 1713.

On 20 March 1878 in the Board of Guardians in Mount Street, London, the politician Archibald Philip Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery (1847-1929) married Hannah de Rothschild (1851–1890), only child and sole heiress of Mayer Amschel de Rothschild (1818-1874) , and the wealthiest British heiress of her day. Her father had died four years previously in 1874, and bequeathed to her the bulk of his estate. Later on the same day the marriage was blessed in a Christian ceremony in Christ Church, Down Street, Piccadilly. In January 1878, Rosebery had told a friend that he found Hannah "very simple, very unspoilt, very clever, very warm-hearted and very shy ... I never knew such a beautiful character." Both Queen Victoria's son the Prince of Wales and her cousin, the army commander George, Duke of Cambridge attended the ceremony. Hannah's death in 1890 from typhoid, compounded by Bright's disease, left him distraught.

Archibald Philip Primrose served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 5 March 1894 to 22 June 1895. Rosebery was a Liberal Imperialist who favoured strong national defence and imperialism abroad and social reform at home, while being solidly anti-socialist. Between the death of his father, in 1851, and the death of his grandfather, the 4th Earl, in 1868, he was known by the courtesy title of Lord Dalmeny.

Captain Neil James Archibald Primrose (1882-19171) was a British Liberal politician and soldier. The second son of Prime Minister Lord Rosebery and Hannah Rothschild, he represented Wisbech in parliament from 1910 to 1917 and served as Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in 1915 and as joint-Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury from 1916 to 1917. He died from wounds received in action in Palestine in 1917, falling in action on the same day as his cousin, Evelyn Achille de Rothschild (1886-1917), son of Leopold de Rothschild (1845-1917) and Marie (née Perugia) (1862-1937).

Primrose family (Earls of Rosebery), marriage settlements, 1909-1938

000/65, 1 file

Trustees of the marriage settlement of Lord and Lady Dalmeny, (Albert Archibald Primrose, 6th Earl of Rosebery, (1882-1974) and Dorothy Grosvenor (1890- 1966).

Primrose family (Earls of Rosebery), settlements, 1907

000/79, 1 item

Settlement by The Earl of Rosebery (Archibald Primrose, (1847-1929) for the benefit of Lord Dalmeny, (Albert Archibald Primrose,(1882-1974).                                                                                                                        

Primrose family (Earls of Rosebery), sundry accounts, 1875-1890

000/424/32, 1 item

Sundry accounts in connection with Lady Rosebery Dec’d, 1875-1890.        

Primrose family and Crewe-Milnes family, settlement and trust papers , 1899-1937

000/64, 1 box

Papers of the trustees of the marriage settlement of the Earl and Countess of Crewe, (Robert Crewe-Milnes, (1858-1945) and Margaret Crewe-Milnes, née Primrose (1881-1967).