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Sundry correspondence: letters between Rothschild family members

Listed here are discrete collections of Rothschild family correspondence, from more than one Rothschild writer or to a number of Rothschild recipients.

For correspondence relating to a particular family member, please also see the Guide entry under that person's name. 

Note on arrangement: The original order of many family collections has often been disturbed, both during the time when the collections were privately held, and when they were received into the Archive Department of the Rothschild bank, before the creation of The Rothschild Archive. Disturbance has often largely ignored the concept of provenance, as, in the case of family letters, and many of these were grouped together under the name of the person writing the letter; rather than by the name of the person receiving the letter.

Private family papers: Rothschild correspondence, c.1837-1916

000/31, 1 box

A collection of sundry correspondence between Rothschilds and ‘Letters from Notable people’ transferred from Ascott and from the New Court vaults. The collection of ‘letters from notable people’ are believed to have been assembled by Victor, 3rd Lord Rothschild (1910-1990) from packets formerly in the New Court vaults. Some of these may have been Leopold de Rothschild’s (1845-1917) ‘autograph’ collection. The collection includes sundry correspondence received by Leopold de Rothschild (1845-1917), (many letters express condolence at the death of his sister Evelina (1839-1866) in 1866); sundry correspondence received by Marie (nee Perugia), Mrs Leopold de Rothschild (1862-1937); sundry correspondence received by Charlotte, Baroness Lionel de Rothschild (1819-1884) from members of the Rothschild family; sundry correspondence received by Lionel de Rothschild (1808-1879) from members of the Rothschild family; sundry correspondence between Rothschild family members, including Leopold (1845-1917), Alphonse (1827-1905), Alice (1847-1922), Bettina (1858-1892), Charlotte (1807-1859); Leonora (1837-1911), Nathaniel (1812-1870), Charlotte (1825-1899); Hannah Mayer (1815-1864), Willy Carl (1828-1901), (to his brother Mayer Carl (1820-1886)); Nathaniel, 1st Lord Rothschild (1840-1915), (from his cousin-in-law Lord Rosebery (1847-1929)).

000/31/5 contains sundry correspondence to Rothschild family members from notable people, including: Leopold, King of the Belgians; Albert Mensdorff; Squire Bancroft;  William Booth; Viscount Northcliffe; Mary A Ward; Lloyd George; Arthur Conan Doyle; Earl of Cromer; Henry Irving; Earl of Rosebery; Viscount Grey, the Marquis of Curzon; the Duke of Devonshire; William Booth; Walter Long; Lord Roberts; E Grey; Lord Milner; J Martin Harvey; Ernest H. Shackleton; Robert Baden Powell; T P O'Connor; Madge Kendal; Viscount Haldane; Office of the Chief Rabbi; Charles Dickens (letter to J.T. Delane for communication to Baron and Baroness de Rothschild); Clara Butt-Rumford; Julius Reuter, G Rossini (Italian composer); Henry Wall; Robert Peel; Fanny Elssler; Metternich; Alice Derby; H A Stocks; Louis Davidson, Edwin Greenfield; Randolph Churchill; Mrs Humphrey Ward; Rufus Isaacs, Marquis of Reading; Joseph Wood. The collection includes a small cache of nineteen letters (formerly ‘packet 645’) from Adelina Patti and Ernesto Nicolini to the London bank and Alfred de Rothschild. 

000/31/7 contains press cuttings; cards, telegrams and letters; letter of sympathy from the New Court staff received by Mr Leopold de Rothschild following the attempt on his  life at New Court, 4 March 1912.

Private family papers: Rothschild correspondence, 1834-1936

000/1541, 70 items

A collection of seventy letters by Rothschild authors from an autograph collection: includes letters from Cécile, Gustave, Edouard, James, Adèle, Charlotte Nat, Aline, Betty, Jimmy, Nelly and Laura Thérèse, Edmond. 

List available 

Private family papers: Rothschild correspondence, 1835-1863

000/197, 1 box

Letters from  Carl Mayer Von Rothschild (1788-1855) to his daughter Charlotte and business correspondence, 1835-1854; letters from  Adelheid to her daughter, Charlotte, 1836-1842; letters to Anselm; letters to Mayer Carl, 1839-1863. Some of these items are believed to have been removed from the XI/109 series of Rothschild family business correspondence.

Private family papers: Rothschild correspondence, c.1879-1889

00/2455, 14 folders and 1 item

French Rothschild family correspondence: 14 folders of correspondence and papers relating to the family of Gustave de Rothschild (1829-1911), particularly his two eldest daughters, (Zöe) Lucie (1863-1916) and Aline (1867-1909). Lucie and Aline appear to have travelled together to several towns in France and Belgium between 1879 and 1881. Their parents and younger sister Juliette wrote to them regularly whilst on their travels of life at home in Paris. In January 1880 Robert de Rothschild (1880-1946) was born, youngest child of Gustave and Cécile, and in many of these letters to her daughters Cécile writes of her confinement.  Lucie married shortly after in May 1882 to Baron Léon Lambert. The letters were originally contained within a small leather letter-box box with stud decoration and a hinged lid is pierced with a slot, presumably a hall house letter-box, which has been retained.