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Albert (Salomon Albert) von Rothschild (1844-1911)

Salomon Albert Anselm von Rothschild was born in Vienna. He attended the Gymnasium in that city and the University of Brno. He married his cousin Bettina on 22 March 1876 and their main residence was on the Heugasse.

Albert served a Rothschild apprenticeship. His father, Anselm, wrote to Lionel in London, "I am glad to hear that you are satisfied with my son Albert who indeed is very steady and fond of business'" Under Albert, S M von Rothschild & Söhne became banker-in-chief to the Austrian government and the family's industrial holdings were increased through the investments of the Creditanstalt. In 1881 he converted the 6% Gold Loan to Hungary.

Banking did not interfere with his wide range of enthusiasms. His was the first automobile seen in Vienna. He was an early conservationist, (at Langau), built an observatory, collected works of art. Together with his brother Nathaniel, photography was one of Albert's many interests and he was a leading member of the Viennese Camera Club. He died in Vienna on 11 February 1911.

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Albert (Salomon Albert) von Rothschild, reports of marriage to Bettina de Rothschild, 1876

0002132, 1 item

Salomon Albert married Bettina Caroline de Rothschild (1858-1892) in 1876, in the Temple rue de la Victoire, Paris. Le Journal Illustré, Sunday 2 April 1876, with an engraved illustration 'Le marriage de mademoiselle de Rothschild au Temple de la rue la Victoire'.

Albert (Salomon Albert) von Rothschild, marriage hymns and songs, 1876

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Mansucript of Chant d'Hyménée, composé pour l'office de mariage de Mademoiselle Bettina Alphonse de Rothschild et de Monsieur le Baron Salomon Alfred de Rothschild, par Samuel David, chanté par Faure de l'Opéra, Paris, 22 March 1876.

Albert (Salomon Albert) von Rothschild, marriage testimonial, 1876

000/2468/12, 1 item

Illuminated testimonial presented to Salomon Albert von Rothschild (1844-1911) to celebrate his marriage to Bettina de Rothschild (1858-1892).

Albert (Salomon Albert) von Rothschild, photographs, 'Waidhoffener Ninetta' , 1891

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Photograph from the portfolio album 'Amateur Kunst', Wien, 1891. The image is by Albert von Rothschild and is a photogravure entitled 'Waidhoffener Ninetta' (one of two studies with this name by Albert). By R.Paulussen, Wien. The 'posed genre photo' (of which 'Waidhoffener Ninetta'  is a an example) could be charming, but was regarded as difficult to master, because of the difficulty the posing a figure or group in such away as to appear natural; such images were regarded as akin to Dutch genre paintings. The Vienna Camera Club Journal (Volume IV: December, 1891) described this image: "Waidhof'ner Ninetta" by Albert Freiherr von Rothschild in Vienna, shows how happily one can imitate paintings with the help of photography. Such things have been tried many times, but to our knowledge never with such good results." The Internationale Ausstellung Künstlerischer Photographien in Wien 1891 (International Exhibition of Art Photographers) was organized by the Club der Amateur Photographen in Wien in 1891. Over 4000 photographs were entered from around the world for possible exhibit; the jury that chose the 600 entries for hanging came from a pool of mostly academic artists and a lone royal court photographer. The exhibition ran from 30 April to 31 May 1891, and later that year, the club issued an elaborate portfolio in two separate editions consisting of large-plate photogravures of images from the exhibition. Albert had two images of 'Waidhoffener Ninetta' in the exhibition; his brother Nathaniel (1836-1905) also had two images; 'Kinderjause' and 'Durensee mit dem Monte Cristallo'. 

Albert (Salomon Albert) von Rothschild, photographs, 'Portrait- Studie' , 1897

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Albert (Salomon Albert) von Rothschild, photograph, Portrait- Studie [head an shoulders of a lady with a bird-cage style veil], 1897. Photogravure reproduction of an original photograph by Albert von Rothschild, (Blechinger & Leykauf hel.u.imp), for Die Kunst in der Photographie, 1897, published by Julius Becker, Berlin, S.W. Together with his brother Nathaniel, photography was one of Albert's many interests and he was a leading member of the Viennese Camera Club.

Albert (Salomon Albert) von Rothschild, photographs, c.1880

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Framed photograph of Albert (Salomon Albert) von Rothschild (1844-1911).

Albert (Salomon Albert) von Rothschild, dedication, undated

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Copy of Ein Immortellenkranz auf des Grab des verewigten Freiherrn Albert von Rothschild Im Namen vieler Christen gespendet von einem Katholischen Schriftsteller und Privatgelehrten, (Gesellschafts-Buchdruckerei Bruder Hollinel, Wien). A dedication 'at the grave of Baron Albert von Rothschild on behalf of many Christians, given  by a Catholic writer and private scholar'.