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Jeanne, Baroness Eugène von Rothschild (née Stuart) (1908-2003)

Jeanne, Baroness Eugène von Rothschild was born in Hampstead, North London as Ivy Sweet, in 1908. At a very early age Ivy became a dancer, left home and travelled the country in a troupe of girls. She was on stage by the age of 15, and enjoyed a career in the theatre, in a number of the light drawing-room comedies and murder mysteries that were popular in the 1930s. Turning to film, Jeanne also took part in a great many films between 1931 and 1939. 

She was briefly and unhappily married to the industrialist Bernard Docker, after which she returned to the stage, and for three years her name was linked with James Stewart. For a time during the Second World war, she was romantically linked to the 6th Earl of Carnarvon. After the war, she went to live in America, where she met Eugène von Rothschild. The couple were married in December 1952 and lived on Long Island and in New York.

Jeanne applied a sound business mind to her husband's finances, helped him to retrieve property confiscated during the war, and invested soundly. Finally, in the late 1950s, they settled in Monte Carlo, becoming friends of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace. Eugène died in 1976. Jeanne died in Monaco in 2003.

Jeanne, Baroness Eugène von Rothschild, papers and artefacts, 1931-2003

000/1336, 32 boxes

Papers and artefacts created by and collected by Jeanne von Rothschild, including items left to her by her husband. The collection includes includes documents, photographs, inscribed books, artefacts, estate papers, valuations; inventories of property and possessions for Enzesfeld; private financial papers, histories of Enzesfeld, papers concerning property in Austria and Germany; personal official documents, papers and photographs concerning Eugène’s army service; papers and photographs relating to Kitty, Eugène’s first wife; papers, and photographs and scrapbooks relating to Jeanne’s professional career, including professional photographs and correspondence; correspondence of Jeanne with famous persons and members of European Royal families; certificate of honorary citizenship of Enzesfeld for Eugène, 1913; photograph albums of Enzesfeld showing exteriors and interior views; photographs of friends and members of European Royal families and members of  the Rothschild family. Note: Access to most items is restricted.

Jeanne von Rothschild, funeral Order of service, 2003

000/1218, 1 item

Order of service for the funeral of Jeanne, Baroness Eugene de Rothschild, 21 February 2003; cards from floral tributes.