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Accounts Current

In the 1908 report of the Committee to enquire into the system of accounts of N M Rothschild & Sons, (000/170), Charles Rothschild referred to six series of accounts current maintained at that time, each by a different clerk or group of clerks. He identified no logic to the allocation of particular accounts to each of the series, which seem to have been increased in number as workloads grew. "Current Account No 1..... contained most of the large accounts..... The entries in this and the other accounts are made, in the first instance, principally from the correspondence, and they are confirmed by the person who keeps the account by comparison with the Balance Book, the Cash Book, the Bills Receivable and Bills Payable Registers.....The arrangement of the accounts in several books was also referred to, the idea being to consider whether it would not be advantageous to arrange the accounts in some more systematic manner."