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Foreign Accounts

There are six series identified as 'Foreign Accounts'. While the majority of the accounts contained within the series are of foreign individuals and companies, some are of the Rothschild family's British concerns. Each volume is individually indexed. The series are as follows:

Foreign Accounts No. 1, 1806-1914

I/0/1-139, 139 volumes

Accounts of foreign banks, businesses, governments etc. The early books include the general accounts of Rothschild banks in Frankfurt and Paris.

139 records available

Foreign Accounts No. 2, 1822-1945

I/3/1-92; 98-102; 105-107, 99 volumes

The first volume in this series, marked 'Accounts Current K' is not part of the main series: it contains accounts of private individuals, chiefly foreign aristocracy, during the period 1834-1859. The second volume begins in 1871 and thereafter the series contains mainly accounts of commercial houses abroad. 

70 records available

Foreign Accounts No. 4, 1872-1918

I/6/1-42, 42 volumes

Accounts of private individuals, mainly members of the nobility resident in Europe, and foreign companies. There are various accounts for the Royal Mint Refinery and some charity accounts. By the 1890s the number of company accounts begins to outnumber those of individuals. The volumes for the years 1916 to 1918 contain 'No. 6' accounts also.

42 records available

Foreign Accounts No. 5, 1886-1921

I/10/1-34, 34 volumes

A series of stock accounts mostly of individuals resident abroad, including His Excellency Li Hung Chang. Exceptions include accounts for the Jews' Free School, the Holy Land Relief Fund and the Crédit Lyonnais.

34 records available

Foreign Accounts No. 6, 1890-1914

I/11/1-25, 25 volumes

These volumes include stock accounts of private individuals and current accounts for companies. Among the former there are entries for Sir Arthur Sullivan and Cecil Rhodes. There is also a 'Refinery Account B'

25 records available

Foreign Accounts G, 1874-1918

I/5/4-12, 9 volumes

A series principally of stock accounts of private individuals, the majority foreign nobility resident in Europe. Around 1890, a number of foreign companies and banks appear and eventually dominate the series. Volumes 4 to 7 (1874-1903) are unmarked, volumes 8 to 10 (1904-1908) are marked 'G', and volumes 11 to 12 (1909-1918) are marked 'No. 7'.

9 records available