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General Accounts

General Accounts: 'Observations and Answers' on MA von Rothschild & Söhne's General Account, 1823-1827

000/716 (I/155/0), 1 volume

'Observations and Answers' on MA von Rothschild & Söhne's General Account. This volume records the comments on the joint accounts made by the Frankfurt and Paris banks and the responses from London, January 1823 to December 1827. The volume bears an old NMR reference number, I/155/0.

General Accounts: Property Ledgers, 1906-1921

I/158/1-3, 3 volumes

There are three volumes in this series:

  • 'F' for 21 North Street, Folkestone;
  • 'B' for Burmarsh Farm, Kent;
  • 'L' for 6 St Swithin's Lane, London.

Entries are for payments on leases, rent, lighting and receipts from tenants. Burmarsh Farm, Burmarsh, near Hythe, Kent was acquired by Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1777-1836) in 1825 and is likely to have been used for a time as a station for messenger pigeons.

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