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Government Accounts

The large number of accounts handled on behalf of the Brazilian and Chilean governments demonstrate the close relationship which existed between Rothschilds and these two countries from the middle of the 19th century.

Brazilian Agency Accounts Current, 1855-1932

I/23/1-8, 8 volumes

Volumes of the Brazilian Government's accounts and monthly balance sheets with NMR. The series includes the 'Western of Minas Railroad Company 5% issue' account.

10 records available

Brazilian Agency Balances, 1895-1916

I/24/1-6, 6 volumes

These volumes contain the monthly balances of the Brazilian Government current account with NMR. The first volume in the series is numbered '7'.

6 records available

Brazilian Government Interest Account, 1855-1924

I/26/1-6, 6 volumes

This series records the monthly rates of discount at the Bank of England and rates charged to the Brazilian Government on account with NMR. The accounts are separated into the loans of 1865, 1871 etc.

6 records available

Brazilian Government Interest Account, 1855-1910

I/231/1-2, 2 volumes

Volumes recording Interest accounts of the Brazilian Government.

2 records available

Brazilian Government Invoices and Account Sales Book, 1850-1855

I/232/1, 1 volume

The second section consists of copies of accounts of sales of Brazil wood on the account of the Brazilian Government.

1 record available

Brazilian Agency Cargo (Brazil Wood), 1855-1858

I/25/1-2, 2 volumes

A record of shipments and sales of Brazil wood.

2 records available

Bahia & Timbo Railway and San Paulo Railway Company Accounts, 1858-1930*

I/62/1-8, 8 volumes

The first three volumes contain the general, capital and advance accounts for the Bahia and San Francisco Company and the Bahia & San Francisco Timbo Undertaking for the period 1858-1908. Volumes 4 onwards contain similar accounts for the San Paulo Railway Company from 1860 to 1950, with an entry in volume 2 for 1897-1898.

7 records available

Chilean Government Accounts, 1887-1893

I/13/1, 1 volume

This volume contains current accounts for the Chilean Government and various Chilean loan accounts. Also included are accounts for the Banco do Comercio e Industria de Sao Paulo, Sheffield Banking Company Lima, Deutsch Asiatische Bank Shanghai and Burma Ruby Mines.

1 record available

Accounts Current E, 1882-1915

I/14/1-2, 2 volumes

These indexed volumes of Egyptian accounts include the Egyptian Government Redemption, the Suez Canal Company and the Caisse de la Dette.

2 records available

Accounts Current E & R, 1870-1886

I/9/1, 1 volume

This volume contains a small number of accounts relating to the Egyptian and Russian governments. The exception is an account for Adolphe de Rothschild.

1 record available