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Private Accounts

The series grouped together below are dominated by Rothschild family personal, estate and charity accounts and the Rothschild banks' accounts. Each of the volumes has an individual index.

Current Accounts, 1822-1913

I/2/1-31, 31 volumes

A series of accounts of individuals, companies and governments. Accounts for 1822-1823 include those of Prince Esterhazy, the Russian Treasury, William Cullen (a member of a Folkestone family closely associated with Rothschild business) and two Rothschild accounts. By 1840 the number of commercial entries reduces in favour of Rothschild accounts, which record payments on the estates, staff wages and charitable donations.

31 records available

Current Accounts, 1916-1955

I/2/32-54 (000/1707), 24 volumes

A continuation of acounts in the Current Account series. Later volumes in the series are labelled Current Accounts R, and Current Accounts RX.

Current Accounts No. 3, 1879-1914

I/8/1-36, 36 volumes

A series almost exclusively devoted to private stock accounts for individuals, including Mrs B Davidson and Mrs Cyril Flower (nee Constance de Rothschild), and Lady Lyndhurst and Count Montgelas, family friends. 'Credit Lyonnais (Drawn Bonds)' is one of the few business accounts in the series. The first two volumes are marked, '5'.

36 records available

Current Accounts R, 1819-1914

I/1/1-148, 148 volumes

A series of the Rothschilds' joint bank accounts. There are separately listed stock and other accounts for de Rothschild Frères of Paris throughout the series. By the 1860s the series contains the occasional private account. By 1914 there is still a general account with de Rothschild Frères and the account for the pension fund for the former employees of the Frankfurt House is included.

149 records available

Accounts Current Private No. 2, 1873-1918

I/7/1-13, 13 volumes

This series begins with a volume for the years 1873 and 1874, which differs considerably from the rest in that it contains stock accounts of private individuals resident in Europe, chiefly in Paris. The remainder of the series, dating from 1876 and beginning with a volume labelled '2', consists principally of accounts of members of the Rothschild family. In 1879 there are general accounts for outlay on estates by Charlotte, Baroness Lionel and Louisa, Lady Anthony de Rothschild. At 1883 a separate account for the Gunnersbury estate appears, along with a Gunnersbury Charity Account. These estate accounts are similar to those in I/2 where the names of tradesmen and employees are recorded together with payments. Between 1886 and 1909 charity payments are recorded in a separate Charity Account. From volume 13 (1914-1918) the series is renumbered '8'.

13 records available

Accounts Current Private No.2, 1922-1947

I/7/14-44 (000/1707), 31 volumes

A continuation of accounts in the Accounts Current Private No.2 series.

Accounts Current P, 1888-1930

I/12/1-9, 9 volumes

This is a series containing Rothschild personal accounts and Rothschild estate accounts, with separate entries for Tring Park, Halton, Oundle, Ascott and Gunnersbury. The predominant personal accounts are payment and receipt accounts for 1st Lord Rothschild, Leopold and Alfred de Rothschild, and there are accounts of the executors of the estates of various family members.

9 records available

Account Books C and G, 1900-1930

I/101/1-9, 9 volumes

This series records entries for two accounts with Smith Payne & Co.: 'C' (charities) and 'G' (general). The volumes show expenditure by various members of the family, including 1st Lord Rothschild, Leopold and Alfred de Rothschild, and later Lionel, Evelyn and Anthony de Rothschild. The entries provide a picture of the individuals, clubs, charities and societies with which the members of the family were involved.

9 records available

Private Accounts F, 1888-1913

I/133/1, 1 volume

A single volume of dividend accounts for a small number of members of the Rothschild family including the Princesse de Wagram and the Duchesse de Gramont, daughters of Mayer Carl von Rothschild of the Frankfurt house.

1 record available