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Agents' and Other Accounts

American Accounts Current, Belmont & Co., 1877-1879

II/14/0, 1 volume

This single volume records NMR's account with Belmont.

1 record available

August Belmont & Co. Joint Account, 1880-1904

II/28/0-7, 8 volumes

A record of the joint account of NMR and August Belmont.

8 records available

Belmont & Co. Joint Account Interest, 1881-1885

II/26/0, 1 volume

A statement of the interest of NMR's and August Belmont's joint account on American stocks and shares.

1 record available

Belmont & Co. Interest Account, 1879-1885

II/27/0-1, 2 volumes

These two volumes contain statements of the interest on the general account.

2 records available

American & India 41/2% Paper Account, 1881-1882

II/4/0, 1 volume

In spite of the title on the spine, this volume contains, in addition to the named account, August Belmont & Co.'s 'their' and 'general' account.

1 record available

Accounts with Varying Rates of Interest, 1885-1908

II/1/0-4, 5 volumes

This series and the following one both contain 'their' and 'general' accounts for the Belmont agency and were probably not seen as separate series when created, since the general account for 1885 is in volume 0 of this series, and that for 1886 in volume 0 of the following one.

5 records available

Accounts with Varying Rates of Interest, 1886-1905

II/2/0-3, 4 volumes

See description for II/1 above. Other accounts included are for Lee, Higginson & Co., the Bank of Ecuador, and the Bank of Bolivia.

4 records available

California Accounts, 1848-1883

II/31/0-5, 6 volumes

This series is mainly concerned with the Davidson agency in Mexico. It is only the last volume that contains other accounts, including the Nouveau Monde Company, a Spanish government advance and de Rothschild Frères, all relating to Californian business.

6 records available

Bank of California Account, 1880-1911

11/25/0-19, 20 volumes

The volumes are divided into sections for 'their', 'our' and merchandise credit accounts.