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Government and Banks Correspondence

United States Government, 1835-1842

XI/38/1-2, 2 boxes

The letters in this series relate to NMR's business as bankers to the United States Government in Europe, and consist of authorisations from the Treasury for the payment of the salaries of various consuls and agents, (for example 26 July 1837: salary of a diplomatic agent to be sent to the republic of Texas "whenever the President of the United States may receive satisfactory evidence that Texas is an independent power and shall deem it expedient to appoint such minister"); instructions on specific business NMR is to undertake on behalf of the Government, including the Smithson legacy, whereby NMR pursued the claim of the American Government to the funds left to them by James Smithson to found the Smithsonian Institution; and the arrangement with the French Government "in relation to certain French seamen killed or wounded at Toulon and their families" (14 December 1836).

26 records available

Drafts of United States Consuls, etc., 1835-1840

II/46/0A, 1 box

The vouchers contained in this series relate to the authorisation of payments of salary found in the above correspondence.

Letters Received from Bank of California, 1880-1918

II/50/0-30, 31 boxes

In the early years, until around 1906, the correspondence consists especially of schedules of remittances by the Bank to NMR, confirmations of telegrams to NMR, copies of letters of credit, letters of introduction, notes of debits and credits of NMR's account etc. From 1906, the volume of correspondence is reduced and is concerned mainly with crediting NMR's account with dividend payments on American stock.

Bolivia National Bank Letters Received, 1891-1897

II/56/0-2, 3 boxes

Routine correspondence consisting of schedules of drafts charged to NMR.

Draft Lists, Bank of California, 1881-1906

II/46/0B-13, 14 boxes

The reports contained within this series are routine extracts from the accounts, stating the valuations made by the Bank of California on NMR.