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Letters of Credit

Several series have survived which relate to letters of credit for American individuals and companies to be paid by European banks have survived. The letters of credit from the American banks are pasted into each volume, usually with a sample of the client's signature. The volumes are indexed.

Credits American, 1874-1923

II/40/0-7, 8 volumes

The transactions in this series involve the accounts of individuals.

8 records available

Credits Bank of California, 1880-1907

II/41/1-21, 21 volumes

In a format similar to the above series, but recording transactions with both companies and individuals.

Credits London & San Francisco Bank, 1903-1905

II/42/0, 1 volume

This volume records transactions with companies and individuals.

Credits Lee Higginson & Co., 1902

II/43/0, 1 volume

One volume recording transactions with companies and individuals.

Letters of Credit and Guarantee Bank of California, 1881-1884

II/60/0-1, 2 volumes

This series contains duplicates of letters from the Bank to NMR.

Draft Lists Bank of California, 1881-1906

II/46/0B-13, 14 boxes

The reports contained within this series are routine extracts from the accounts, stating the valuations made by the Bank of California on NMR.