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Stock Accounts

See Stock Department Records for 'American Stock Books', 1834-1916.

American Stocks, 1869

II/19/0, 1 volume

The accounts within this volume, covering only the period from June to August 1869, are the 'India Rupee 4% Paper', and the 'India Rupee 5%'. In 1908, the committee that met under Charles Rothschild could find no one who understood this account.

American Stock Accounts, 1888-1923

II/20/0-13, 14 volumes

The first volume in this series, entitled 'American Stocks and Shares', is in the same format as its successors, which begin in 1905 and are entitled 'American Stock Account R'. The accounts for 1890 to 1904 were entered in the series 'American Account R Books'. See also II/3/0-46. The record is of the dividend payments on around sixty accounts throughout the period, mostly American railway companies.

14 records available