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Sundry Correspondence: Letters Received Miscellaneous, 'American Affairs'

Letters Received Miscellaneous, 'American Affairs', 1881-1920

II/54/0-46, 78 boxes

The letters in this series give a very clear picture of the breadth of business regarded by the London banking house as constituting 'American affairs'; a large proportion of the letters, from individuals and financial institutions, are concerned with dealings in American stock.

The letters are as diverse as those found in the 'Sundry' series in the Correspondence Department's files (Sundry Correspondence). Correspondence and papers relating to other 'foreign' business was filed in this series; there are a variety of market reports from India (Schoene, Kilburn & Co.) and Egypt, private reports about Australian business (for example the winding up of the Montefiore estate), the purchase of quicksilver by Hong Kong companies, and ephemeral letters from American companies and individuals. Correspondence from David Sassoon & Co. 1881-1882 will be found in II/54/0B; the letters concern shipments of indigo.

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