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Tobacco, precious metals, railways

Tobacco Invoices and Account Sales, 1844-1891

II/81/0-7, 8 volumes

The number of companies represented within these volumes is not large and includes Cox Heisch & Co., Forster & Smith, George Scholey & Son, Ewart Myers, Morpurgo & Parente of Trieste for the Imperial Royal Tobacco Administration of Vienna (for 'Manilla Cheroots'), J. H. Connell & Co. of Dublin, Baring Brothers and David Erskine of Stockholm.

California Bullion Shipments and Account Sales, 1871-1874

II/32/0, 1 volume

A simple record of the composition of shipments and the dollar value of the bars and details of the date of sale and the price attained. The record here does not relate to entries in the Bullion Department's 'Account Sales'.

Copy Books Account Sales, Silver Ore, 1878

II/39/0, 1 volume

A handful of copy invoices relating to sacks of silver ore shipped to Liverpool and sold for the account of V. Farfan & Co., Tacna, Peru.

American Railway Dividend Accounts, 1876-1917

II/16/0-22, 23 volumes

The series proper begins in 1880, recording dividend payments for investments in companies such as the New York Central, Illinois Central, Lakeshore, to members of the Rothschild family and associates and various banks. The first volume in the series (1876-1888) differs in that it first records expenditure of members of the family, for example payments by Lady de Rothschild (wife of Sir Anthony de Rothschild) for the passage to Canada of the Warren family, together with clothing and cash, the delivery of three horses from New York and two Japanese dogs to Lord Rothschild at Tring, and then includes an American coupon account.

American Railway Dividend Accounts, 1918-1955

II/16/23-37 (000/1707), 15 volumes

A continuation of Ledgers in the American Railway Dividend Accounts series.