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Bullion Accounts, Sales and Invoices

Balance Sheets, 1904-1935

000/74, 2 boxes

Balance sheets and other accounts papers of the Bullion Department.

Bullion Accounts, 1816-1829

VII/2/0-6, 7 volumes

Volumes of accounts showing incoming gold and silver, indicating from whom it was received (e.g. Ezechiels & Sons), and to whom it was sent. For a continuation of the information contained in this series, see the description of VII/4 below.

7 records available

Bullion Accounts, 1820-1854

VII/4/0-3, 4 volumes

This series is a replica of the series described immediately above. There is no indication on any of the volumes why the same information was recorded separately, or whether one series originated with a different department.

4 records available

Bullion - gold and silver account, 1824-1847

VII/5/0-1, 2 volumes

Two differently formatted indexed volumes document the bullion received by NMR and its destination. The first volume is of significance to Rothschild history as it records two events which have entered Rothschild mythology: the supply of bullion to the Bank of England to prevent a run on the Bank, and the purchase of £500,000 of bullion from the East India Company, a piece of business that Nathan himself recalled at his dinner with Thomas Fowell Buxton.

It is recorded here that Nathan Rothschild was contracted by the Royal Mint to deliver £500,000 in bar silver from July to November 1825 "for coinage pursuant to direction of Treasury letter 1 July 1825". The volume also includes extracts from letters including an anonymous description of Nathan's brother, James.

One of the sources of the bullion is the East India Company. £599,437.13.6 of silver bought from this source is recorded as being paid into the Treasury on 29 October 1824.

The remainder of the series records other sources of purchases and the type of bullion concerned.

2 records available

Bullion Accounts, 1824-1914

VII/6/1-102, 102 volumes

Accounts of bullion received in the form of bars, gold dust and coin. Information on the vessels used for shipments is given in the volumes up to 1829. Accounts are with Mocatta & Goldsmid, Samuel Montagu, Sharpe & Wilkins, Heine etc. From volume 88 (1896) the series is entitled 'Bullion P'.

101 records available

Bullion Invoice and Account Sales, 1816-1858

VII/8/0-24, 25 volumes

Invoice and account sales are recorded together in this one series. The basic details include the name of the entity for which the bullion was acquired, the cost, bar numbers and method of transportation.

25 records available

Account Sales, 1858-1920

VII/9/0-46, 47 volumes

From 1858, invoice and account sales are recorded separately. Within this series, there are variations in the format of the volumes from 1896 and, from volume 38 (1912), only sales of silver are recorded. See VII/72 below for gold sales.

47 records available

Bullion Invoices, 1858-1920

VII/10/0-23, 24 volumes

This series is the continuation of the record of invoice sales from series VII/8 above.

25 records available

Bullion Account Sales: Gold, 1912-1914

VII/72/0-3, 4 volumes

Account sales of gold prior to 1912 can be found in the series of account sales VII/9 described above.

4 records available