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Early bullion records

Bullion Account Sales, 1815; 1829; 1834

VII/10A/2; /24, 2 volumes

Two indexed ledgers, the first of which shows NMR in account with banks and firms in England and Europe, including M. A. Rothschild and the Bank of England. The entries relate to transactions involving bullion, and also other commodities such as hides, indigo, almonds and coffee. Most of the accounts in volume 24 differ from those in volume 2. They include de Rothschild Freres, C. M. Rothschild in Naples and Edward Costil Refiners. Entries show sales and purchases of government coupons and bonds. Also in this volume dated 1829 are 'Extraits des observations sur les matières d'or et d'argent', 'Notes on silver' and a copy of a letter in French relating to piasters and the weight of gold.

2 records available

Specie and Treasury Bills Account, 1815-1816

VII/1/1, 1 volume

A ledger divided between accounts of specie procured at Hamburg with details of currency (doubloons, ducats, etc) and the party through whom it was obtained; accounts of treasury bills negotiated by M.A.Rothschild in Frankfurt. A further section gives accounts of sundry transactions with Carl Rothschild in America.

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Bullion Listed Cash Book, 1809-1812

VII/16a/1, 1 volume

A cash book of the accounts of NMR with various companies including M. A. Rothschild showing the firm dealing in bars and bags of gold.

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Advances to Mines, 1823

VII/23/1, 1 volume

This volume is a simple record of a handful of transactions with various mines.

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